Roma vs Barcelona 3-0 – UCL 2017/2018 – Highlights (English Commentary) HD

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Farid garizabalo anaya says:

Donde ests el super messi? Asi caminando la cancha jajajaja😂😂😂😂😂

Ezequiel Hongn says:

Ah pero contra francia…

Ahre que no tenia nada que ver :v

Cygnus Vismund says:

Barcelona deserve a cb as pathetic as pique

siddhanth shamindran says:

Shocking how these pizza shits defeated the Best team , well i wont care Rm defeated them and Am destroyed rm lol this is a cycle man.

Rat says:

t h e g r e e k g o d i n r o m e

Lena Vučica says:

Roma love 💛❤

Deluded Joshy. says:


Al Cappuccino says:

Pique is a disgrace 😂

Al Cappuccino says:

Džeko + Kolarov… Balkan's will to fight. Nice win!

Christopher Castaneda says:

Can anyone tell me why Roma are celebrating like if they won it all? Why was this game so important to them?

Uday Verma says:

Roma has to beat Barcelona with more goals if Totti was there

Anthony Lopez says:

Happy that sir alex ferguson enjoyed and watched this match…what great game it was such a beautiful comeback

Anthony Lopez says:

I think was a bad luck from barza can’t believe they lost the tie with the advantage they have in the camp nou.

ja says:

dzeko and kolarov are underrated

Kevin Cherian Thomas says:

finally barcalona lost against roma

Fenomeno 22 says:

The best remontada ever

Noob Slice says:

Boooo Barcelona booooo. Boooo Messi booooo

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