FC Barcelona – Open doors training session [FULL VIDEO]

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In keeping with tradition, the first team will be holding an open doors training session for the festive season. This year, it will be on Monday January 4 at 11.00 in the Miniestadi.
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Sniper Call says:

I come from the future neymar no longer play for Barcelona and Dani alves

Natasha Dela Cruz says:

Visca el barca

Frickie Dickie says:

Who's watching in 2084

Alison Bravo says:

16:51 guess the mom just gave birth? #borntoplaysoccer..?

Sunil Loke says:

The Best Team

Ilkin Eliyev says:

Turkler + 1

Jon Howells says:

Who's here 2017

Sepanos Gaz says:

they got fans all over the world. vamos barca.

Sepanos Gaz says:

visca el barca

Jada aaax says:

Where is Neymar

Ece Ozhan says:

Barca ole ole ole Barca!!!!!!

Rica Cattani Milani says:

Haha, commentator is great.

Билгүүдэй Дагвасүрэн says:

мэсси чи шилдэг нь шүү

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