FC Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid || Goals & highlights || 29-11-2010 || High Definition

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All the goals and highlights of the match played on the Camp Nou in the thirteenth day of the Liga 2010 against Madrid.

Tots els gols i els aspectes més destacats del partit jugat al Camp Nou en la Jornada 13 de la Lliga BBVA entre el Barça i el Madrid.

Todos los goles i los aspectos más destacados del partido jugado al Camp Nou en la Jornada 13 de la Liga BBVA entre el Barça i el Madrid.


Le Renard says:

It looks like a trailer for a series

Alexander Zuniga says:

2008-2015 absolutely unstoppable

Larry Myers says:

FUCK ramos and FUCK madrid!

ghdgjk gjv says:


Saram B says:

6:11 casillas fait un dab

National Socialism says:

Puyol looks like undertaker

thats whassup says:

When they lose they fuckin find a reason to fight.Cmon you guys had 90 minutes to defeat Barcelona but you scored fuck all so accept it and go home.No point of fighting and crying like teen girls who fight for dudes

World Sports History says:


Samet Oezen says:

What's the name of the last music of this video?

Niklas Kellner says:

What's the name of the song? It's fucking awesome

maxi ojeda says:


zoo6ww says:

Que película felicidades! 😀

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