FC Barcelona DREAM Team Lineup 2018-19 With Potential TRANSFERS ft. Neymar Salah Griezmann Messi

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FC Barcelona DREAM Team Lineup 2018-19 With Potential TRANSFERS ft. Neymar Salah Griezmann Messi

This video features a lineup of FC Barcelona which includes current players as well as potential transfers according to latest FC Barcelona transfer news. Some of the players are Leo Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Mo Salah, Neymar Jr etc

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Majed SY says:

i would use dines suarez instead of erikson

Faliq Gaox says:

All player barca

Faris Ammar says:

Neymar is better not coutinho

Alhasan Al-Nassar says:

yes neymar ar better then cutinho

varken games says:

Why ter stegen cilissen is the best

Arpita Sarkar says:

I want paulinho and Neymar

Ali Fauz Hassan says:

Yeah Neymar better than couthino

Haseeb Shahid says:

Jordi alba is better so why you not pick him
You dont know about your channel is bad

Vaishali Bhatnagar says:

I don't like it.
Like me

mk8 ghimire says:

you choose coutihnio over neymar coutihnio is 22nd player in the top 100 neymar is 8

aazmeer ahmed khan says:

Not coutinho ronaldo

Ritu Chawla says:

I wanted Neymar

Imtiaz Younis says:

Want neymar in lineup

Nitin Dua says:

No I don’t agree

Sanjoy Saha says:

Where is Ronaldo ?

manoshi das says:

Sorry Neymar in left attacking

manoshi das says:

This is a dream team so there should be Ramos and jordi in defence and Neymar in right attacking and striker mbappe

Mahdeen Abid Ayan says:

Don't take griezmann,take suarez!

farzan alam says:

Suarez is legend

Roshan Ali says:

No I'm not agree

Paymar Neymar says:

What in the world you guys are bad Messi Suarez neymar used to be the best trio silly

Ethan Trott says:

Why not Suarez

juliet manoj says:

Are you mad neymar

Shreyansh Patidar says:

Where is CR7' for potential pick.

Paris Sagara says:

Why you pick Coutinho than Neymar???


Cf grizeman was not good

Master Boi says:

Hey stupid why u not pick Neymar jr u motherfucker

Nayib TheDrakness says:

Where is neymar

nil kamal saha says:

Neymar should have been there in the squad….

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