Barcelona city – a sightseeing tour

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Barcelona, the capital of the province of Catalonia of Spain, is located at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the French border. For clear reason, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Barcelona offers a large and varied entertainment program (besides the famous FC Barcelona). This include the famous La Rambla, the colorful market hall Mercat de la Boqueria, the incredibly diverse city center with its many streets and shops, the Cathedral, the many buildings and parks created by Antoni Gaudí, including the Sagrada Familia and the Parc Guell. A great view of the city can be enjoyed from Tibidabo, the cable car over the old harbor and the Castell Montjuïc. Enjoy the sightseeing tour along the many and beautiful sights.


Dodi Goa says:

beautiful Barcelona Spain I love…

Dan S says:

Love it from Canada and Moscow!

Asko Smajlovic says:

Love to Barcelona from usa
More than a club barca fan
Messi magic

Graham Lang says:

fantastic city I've going there for thirty years if I had the money I would live theree

Tania M says:

Amazing video! I have a tip that may help tourists that want to go to Barcelona 🙂 Last time i went to Barcelona i used an app called Yumm! and it was really useful to find restaurants. Also when communicating at the restaurants, because I found all the allergens and ingredients information translated in my own language ? Great video!

a says:

I visited this city this year in may.and I am in love with it.Spanish people are the most hospitable and the least racist people in Europe. they are so polite,so nice always there to go an extra mile to help you.I hope to visit this amazing city again.lots of love from Pakistan.

Massimiliano Pirrottina says:

Barcelona, blue sky, white sand, palm trees, trip along the tourist city


Beautiful video!

Majde Abukhalef says:

there is nothing today in barclona only thinking about there great football team lucky city Barcelona nice day thank you freinds

Go Build Ideas says:

Hey, great video with a lot of good advice!
Thanks a lot for sharing!
I was there too recently and even built my own beach furniture there.
I love this city so much!
Geetings, Johannes

justwor ship05 says:

wonderful, do you have mosques?

SHM 99 says:

Flamenco is not the traditional music of Barcelona/Catalonia!!! Stop puting it in touristic videos!! this music doesn't represent us!!

ian powell says:

what a city !!!!!!

Barcelona Segway Day says:

great video about our city, thank you

ปวรุตม์ พงศ์พฤฒานนท์ says:

The architectural style of the famous buildings in Barcelona is unique, beautiful and impressive.

Tiny Tot Travels says:

Great video 🙂 please check out my recent barcelona attractions video! all the best x

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