FC Barcelona amazing training 2014 tiki-taka rondo show

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Entrenamiento del FC Barcelona en el miniestadi temporada 2014, Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas, Tello, Afellay, Song, Xavi, Pique, Pedro, Sergi Roberto, y Busquets.


Mohamed Abdihakim says:

Best Plyer ever Spain

Mohamed Abdihakim says:

I love you Mr Andres iniesta

Hoai Duc says:

Busquet and iniesta are too good in this

Jonathan Heng says:

Only takes me 2-3 touches to the get ball as monkey.

Stephanos Parcci says:

That kid background ?? Iniesta, Iniesta, Iniesta, Iniesta.


Iniesta … ???

aries alexsandrea says:


Juso says:

mute the video no problem, also sergi roberto was quality for his age

Abdul Hasib Tamim says:

miss those guys.. ?

Anubhav Gupta says:

What's so special…. We play the same way in school when bored

davidilogho says:

After watching the video, I still hear that kid's voice screaming "Iniesta" in my head.

Mikail says:

Xavi und Iniesta ❤️?

FuckBoy says:

Yall are rude as fuck for roasting the child for shouting Iniesta's name smh

Club Gamers says:

Iniesta :'v

Juan Manuel Gujo says:

Así se entrena el Tiki Tiki y la triangulacion?

mahesa peraditia says:

Lionel messi ?????????

montzr احمد says:

خرب كله انكليزي

montzr احمد says:

Messi good vrae

Plawer Nahk perantau Ar says:

Tiki taka elbarca jangan pernah pudar ya….

Fredy Escobar says:

The number one

xyz says:


Omar Rojas says:

Iniestaaaaaaa hijoputa!! Mirame

XX JOSH DD Dx says:

Esto es Jogo hermoso

Kin Fui Lee says:


Israel Alvarado says:

Inniesta voltea por favor para que se callen la boca !!!!

veli brown says:

Even defenders are expected to be able to pass.

steffen meier says:

Dat pass from pique by 4:38

Tijan Sowe says:

The fans are calling iniesta and Xavi

Gaston Avila says:

Pobre Iniesta debe tener los huevos lacios ya jajajaja

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