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Counter Attack TV reporter Carter Bryant visited FC Barcelona’s training session at RFK Stadium ahead of their friendly with Manchester United. Watch how the best team in the world prepares for top opponents.

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Video credit: Carter Bryant (http://twitter.com/CarterThePower)


Sefer Balayev says:

ben senleyim barselona

Lamia Ishrat says:

I love you boss messi. Wonderfull counter attack.

Joydeep Das says:

very nice one touch……

Henning Mathæussen says:

Snyder trener er ikke godt

junior scofield says:

1, my eyes are sometimes too slow for these tiki-taka passing-games , and i get headache when i try to follow the ball

2. xavi has probably never been in the middle there xD

Prashant Shahil Chand says:

well isnt that 2 matches the past now…??

Scottcreek942 says:

True, those plastic fans have gotten stupid and ridiculous, but some of busquets' diving should be criticized for sure. Many DMs have to win fouls like that sometimes

Scottcreek942 says:

I can tell you're an ignorant person who hates barcelona just because everyone else does, and not admit the fact that they have played the best football in past 4 years

Prashant Shahil Chand says:

you just beat us in one match??we fucked you up in many times in the past…

Chan Daniel says:

Fuck you no messi

JayR says:

did they said SHYYYYYT

TheAnkleSam says:

He said the best team ever, not the ´´best team of 2013´´.

UknownLocc says:

they walk out of the tunnel and they are prepared

Serhat Topkaya says:

Galatasaray > Barcelona

Rebeli TBA says:

where is messi ?

Lionel Messi says:

Hey bro, whatsup?

David Magar says:

Heard? if u meant that?

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