Replica Nike Aeroswift Barcelona Training Gear Unboxing

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shirt in video is from

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Lil Fleak says:

Are the things what you buy arrive

Gabriel Alberto says:

Eial! I really want to buy something on but i have scared to get scam or get my credit card fucked. Can you please tell your experience on Please

Galaxy Phantom says:

Eial The new 18.1 and 18+ predator fakes have come out on dhgate, can you do the review of the blood red pack? please I'm sure it would be a hit because the fakes just came out no one has made a video on them and there only 50$, U think you would do really well because no other channel has a review on them!

Lionel Messi says:

This is a fake??

GeeKong says:

thanks for reviewing this replica training suits. Could you please post on the description your:
– chest size
– sleeve size
– waist size
– weight, and height?
so we can get a better idea of how the suit will it.

Thanks and looking forward to see your reply.

Seberion says:

What is your height?

Yo Mate says:

do a review of the new preds

Yahya Pogboom says:

does the "grippy glued design" is in 3d ?

M.D. Gameplays says:

more videos in spanish!!!

Hello Hello says:

Why won’t it let me follow the link?

Jay's Ohms says:

Can you review the Nike Flyknit Ultra

Simple Soccer says:

Nike vapor 11 from fyygame or Nike hypervenom 2 low honeycomb please

Zer0 Gamíngg says:

Love your content

NBG says:

Pls someone tell me the background song the first one

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