Barcelona to sign Coutinho and Dembele confirmed , Man UTD wants Thomas Lemar | Transfer News 2017

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aMSN Football says:

10 Things you Should Know About OSMANE DEMBELE Barcelona's new man

John Quinn says:


Mohamoud Musse A. Aarre says:

Hi u Liv
Let Coutinho go to Barca and take that huge monay for shopping… Also
Miss Dortmond let Dembele leave from the club and Join with Barca… bad news for RM

Patrick Nizigiyimana says:

is coutinho deal done?

Patrick Nizigiyimana says:

coutinho and dembele will do the best
and welcome in biggest family of barcelona

Mouline 0610122520 Mmounir says:


gomey70 says:

Fake news. ?

ka yin sin says:

Barca done deal to sign shit

Saran Tamang says:

Best of luck

Jesus Perez says:


Maxwell Joer says:

seriously idiot vid.. gl for stupid fake tranfer. Nobody want to go to trash club..

Manali Das says:

but it still hasn't been made official, so how u can be so much true?

Xola Dzanibe says:

I think dembele shud cost more then coutinho. M sure many will agree

edward okul says:

Coutinho not done those are lies

Александар Стакић says:

Pathetic video by barca fanboys… He aint coming! 😉

naldi d m g says:

not nice ?

Nick Murphy says:

lol truth and facts seem to be somewhat missing,everton have agreed to sign pele for £357m reports say this is 162% true

alexx 19 says:

Liverpool Rejected a 3rd offer for Coutinho ?

Hæi dËRé says:

Done, deal, on, Coutinho???? My God man exactly what are you people reading what made up garbage you reading…
Wake up Liverpool will not sell get bloody over it for Gods sakes

Bassam Ghazal says:

Dembele and couthino are not done deals

Salam Ihsan says:

2022 Neymar can come barca

Ron Alfy says:

Why you lying?

Lord Paulinho says:

All barca need is me

Potato Jeff Potato says:

Coutinho is not going! Wth is wrong with people! Dembele maybe u never KNOW?!

itsreza says:

sorry not done yet. this board is fcking up Barca big time. what a shame. they want to join our club and these idiots can't do it.

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