Barcelona vs Tottenham analysis: Lionel Messi had Spurs ‘scared stiff’ | UEFA Champions League

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Adrian Healey, Alejandro Moreno, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley of ESPN FC break down Barcelona vs Tottenham in UEFA Champions League, which Barca won 4-2 thanks to a pair of goals by Lionel Messi. Philippe Coutinho and Ivan Rakitic also scored for the La Liga side. Harry Kane and Erik Lamela netted for Spurs.

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Mahadeb Debnath says:

messi magic

Alex Huang says:

Should of done this in the fucking World Cup!

The Solemn Nut says:

Without messi, it could be draw.
He is such a Warlock

marcsdriving says:

May I interject slightly here pundits. I agree that Messi is on another planet compared to any other player in todays game. But may I remind you all who think that he's without question the best of all time: He has played his entire career surrounded by world class players, not just good players but "world class" players. The barca team is set up for him to play. If he moved to a relegation threatened team in the premier league in the summer and was asked, without any other signings, to win the league, I doubt he could do it. Impossible I hear you all ask. Actually not. Maradona did it at Napoli. Also, the only other team Messi has tested himself in is the Argentina team, irrespective of what tournament it's been, he hasn't won anything. Maradona won a world cup with 2 good players along side him. I can assure mr Nicol that even Baresi was scared of Maradona and there aren't many defenders around like him these days. This is not aimed at anyone else who's commented, I just get sick of hearing about how Messi is the greatest ever when they never consider who's he's had the pleasure of playing with.

Enrico Rossi says:

I have never seen so many guys with questionable english accent talking altogether.

Ibrahim Zulfiquar says:

He is the greatest to play football

Ashajit Oinam says:

Messi is just amazing

Ronildo Correia Correia says:

Messi ó maior jogador de todos tempo gênio da bola

Juanito says:

Tired of hearing people say suarez had a good game cause he dummied 2 passes. He’s a striker and he should be finishing. He needs to get benched for a second so he shapes up

Adil Al Awadhi says:

Have to love the accent

Pasha Pasovski says:

Barca fans have been saying this for 10 years now!😎

es kurniawan says:

Greatest ever. Fuck history fuck cristiano

Shahira Omar says:

Ronaldo allegedly raped someone in 2009 in Las Vegas everyone’s talking about it Messi rakitic and coutinho just raped the entire spurs team and no cares

shd Technical says:

So as by all the things MESSI IS BETTER THAN RONALDO

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