Barcelona news: Lionel Messi shocked by Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid decision

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Barcelona forward Messi watched from home as Ronaldo fired Real Madrid to a third straight Champions League win. The 33-year-old was unable to score against Liverpool but instead played the role of supporting act while Gareth Bale took centre stage. After the game, however, Ronaldo hinted he was ready to leave Real, Barcelona and La Liga behind. “Now to enjoy, and in the next few days I will give an answer to the fans that they are on my side,” he said. “It was very nice to be in Madrid.”.And Spanish website Don Balon say Barcelona talisman Messi was shocked by Ronaldo after the game. The player has been linked with a move back to Manchester United.Many reports suggest Ronaldo wants out of Real because of their refusal to grant him pay parity with both Messi and Neymar. Don Balon say Messi feels Ronaldo is leaving ahead of time with their personal battle still going strong. And he also reportedly learned of the consequences of the player’s words.Sergio Ramos was supposedly angry at Ronaldo for choosing that moment to hint at a departure. Speaking after the game, the Spaniard called on Ronaldo to set the record straight over his future. “I suppose he will have been speaking about a summary of the season,” he said.“If there is something there, he must clarify it today. He is a key piece for us. He could not be in a better place.“We’ll see, Cristiano likes to let himself be loved, he’s not going to find a better place, he’s the real crack of ours, goals or not, I do not know why he said that, but we respect him. “Let him touch the sky, he wants to leave, we’ll see, let’s enjoy the Champions.”.


Julian best Real Madrid Fan says:

I hate Juventus why Ronlado Whyyyyyyyyyy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭



Mikel cool channelle says:

333 likes lol

mannyman says:

Stupidest thing I've ever seen

Madridista -Boy says:

When he will go back to Manu I will just say Gracias ronaldo you are the best player ever and thank you so much for playing 9years in the best Club in the world and thank you So much that you bring us to the final 3times in row and ofc for the 2Laliga titles. And you have Scored amazing 450Goals in 442Games you are the best We will miss you So much! HALAMADRID😍😫🤙🔝🙏👑

clara simasiku says:

Ronaldo leaving the los blancos is okay

Malik Usman says:

I Hope
ronaldo are playing for man United

JonathanM89 says:

If the robot voice doesn't lose this channel all credibility, that lack of info sure does! "as Ronaldo fired Madrid to a third straight CL"…Last time i checked it was Benema, Bale, Bale….

nelson monteiro says:

Messi has been watching the Champions League final from home for a few years now. If that doesn't tell you something. ……

Haneen k.a says:

Stop saying he couldnt score in the finals. He is the backbone of real madrid or he was . .

passang tsering says:

As a fans of Ronaldo plz stay in Madrid otherwise its better to retire from footballer if u won't stay in Madrid.

Dan E says:

this is proof that Ronaldo scores only becoz there is a team that supports him… If they wont assist he cannot score… The UCL final is proof… Ronaldo cannot play boss… The money comes from the club and they are not responsible for his tax fraud… bubye Ronaldo…. Learn to score on your own… Arent you good at it!!!

heni loachy says:

Wise decision Ronaldo. Good very good m happy

Max Ross says:

First of all ronaldo scored no goals . So whats with he fired his team to a 3rd win.

Mahrus said says:

Hero of madrid

john king says:

Ronaldo is my best player ever in the world

Halal Chicken says:

I'm a Man u fan. I hope he comes back home. Idgaf about what Messi says

Just Jake says:

as a barca fan i came here to say we will miss ronaldo so much

MNEESG says:

Fck ronaldo im mad with him now!:(

Shankar D S says:

Whoever buy him with great money they become fools for 100% now. He does this because to grab attention of peoples and for b'dor..

Funky Punekerz says:

If he goes Manchester it will be good

Jane Ebanks says:

He is the best like it or not.I would be furious and angry too. Pay him his dues like a king.

MrAmbrose77 says:

Ronaldo is the best

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