Twitter Melts Down as Roma Thrash Barcelona 3 – 0 To Reach The Semi Finals of UEFA Champions League

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Football Reaction – Champions League 2018 AS Roma vs FC Barcelona 3 – 0 : Twitter Melts Down as Roma Thrash Barcelona 3 0 To Reach The Semi Finals of UEFA Champions League.

#ASRoma #Barcelona #ChampionsLeague

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► MUSIC: Ehrling – Dance With Me


Apdicaziz says:

I want the link of this music u used it this video

Game of Thrones says:

Barca 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

dft gtr says:

When manila scored I was shocked very happy😻😁😁😁😁😁😁

Salty Biscuit says:

Roma move to semi? But i thought it was 4-4 Agg :/

Legit PTC - Online Marketing Tools says:

Good video, enjoyed watching 🙂


Messi is very Arrogant, Ronaldo is always the best

fri Isacc says:

are roma going to semi finals its 4-4

Jana Jana says:

I missed my class to watch the game . Had to missed another one because of this horror show .im so disappointed that it feels like the whole world is sad

Jefferson Ochoa says:


Sokol Ymeri says:

Kiss my ass Roma and sucks my balls

서SH says:

next target is

miroc ii says:

forza romaas po po po po e juve

Shilpi Agarwal says:

They do cheating and are very lucky. Best example
Do u remember 2009's cheating , 3-4 penalties were not given to Chelsea.
And this vs Chelsea 1 penalty not given
And 4 posts for Chelsea

Shilpi Agarwal says:

Hahaha Barca is the worst team…

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