Barça complete first two-a-day at the Red Bull Training Facility

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Pol Batalla says:

Neymar traïdor

Ramzi Lagati says:

Understand him, I think that he feels better in psg with them friends and a challenge that will make him a big player

Fahri Muhammad says:


Cheto xd xd says:

Neymar please don't leave

Shamsupkm says:

Neymar is the best

Alexander Köhler says:

Neymar want go to a team which cant keep a 4 0 against hus team

J A says:

Neymar is leaving MSN doesn't exist now but we will remember msn

J A says:

Neymar please don't leave why did you agree with Paris you had your Bros in barca

Maykel Manangkot says:

every barca training video = Rondo. And comments are always = "Neymar pls stay/ pls stay Neymar"

Preston Garvey says:

Neymar come to Lyon 😂

Saitama XL says:

Stay in Barca Neymar Jr

Yuridia Lopez says:

I am a Barcelona's fan..and I don't want neymar in fc barcelona no more..go fuck yourself stupid..

Caio Costa says:

Visca El Barça

Eddy Swy says:

заебали эти рекламы айфона и гугл

DH17 LEO says:

Que se vaya Neymar y compran a Dybala seria la MSD

Vinay Aditya says:

The club is bigger than Neymar… Moreover, if he leaves we could sign at least 2 world class players… Of course Verratti would come to Barca… I don't see PSG breaking the FFP

Saad Shahid says:

Neymar don't leave us

qd d says:

Barça, Please, DO THE WORK

nisha daftary says:

if he is not commited to Barca sell him we still have god

Dv 2020 says:

neymar please stay in Barcelona if you don't stay in Barcelona i will cry really please stay <333

John Blessed says:

Our boys are in action, yes! God Barca!!! 😃

Zidane el Calvo says:

Hope neymar leaves… he just disrespect the club

MustfaR10 says:

Please stay neeeeeeeeeeeeeeymar

김경진 says:

Get out neymar

Antonio Gabriel Pianco says:


Ronaldo Pereira says:

Neymar fica no Barça

Fernando Rivera says:

Neymar won't leave you dumb fucks 😒😒😒

Mohamed Fares 619 says:


Quintyy X says:

Is neymar going to psg?! HELL NOOH

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