Barcelona vs Villarreal 5-1 – Highlights – La Liga 9 May 2018 –

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Aline Therian says:

Madrid losing 3-2 vs Sevilla and Barca Winning 5-1 vs Villarreal, difference. 7 liga and 10 Years, Real Madrid could never.

Jeff Nuamah says:

I thought after the el Classico Messi was resting

Vixo juegos y mas says:

3 a 1 orrrrrrrr pollo

HamzieIsHere says:

Dembele god

carucimiguel says:

Madrid losing 2-0 vs Sevilla and Barça winning 5-1 vs Villarreal (who beats Madrid 1-0) great night of Ousmane Dembele (showing that the yes is worth 150M) and Ivan Rakitic!

Damien Reisch says:


Eduardo Chavez says:

Buen viedio

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