Barcelona To Break January Transfer Window Record For Premier League Star?! | Transfer Preview

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Transfer Review is BACK! Chris & Pat talk about the January Transfer Window, who needs what & what transfers are most likely to happen!

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the beast says:

Thumbnail that was asensio

Sasha Softa says:

gomes wont succeed iniesta cz he wont match rakitic or rafinha is far much better than him…………the guy has failed

Joseph Bailey says:

Hit laboratory function mass diplomatic apartment jury.

Swizz Chocolate says:

its about time barcelona consider about their shitty defence.. PLEASE get rid of umiti and roberto THEY SUCK for christ sake man

Malik Ali says:

While Pogba is worth 120m .. then Coutinho worth a billion !!!!
Fuck off barca ?

the unknown liverpool fan Jones says:

If pogba is worth £89 coutinho is worth at least £10m more

Harold Carr says:

Who's watching when Witsel moved to China?

SmittenTheKitteninMittens says:

ill bet its coutinio to barca..and ill be more gutted than suarez leaving us

Oscar Dempsey says:

Milik dries mertens and callegon are absolute beasts right now

Oscar Dempsey says:

Sturridge is a fuck no

Kenavo Kenan says:

Hopefully we can buy some more players and sell some others

Espen Aven Skeie says:

-What Are you guys doing?
-Supposed to be playing farmville but this one player keeps cutting my grass
-Is it ThePotato27?
-Yeah ThePotato27!
-Who is ThePotato27?
-Some say ThePotato27 is the first Farmville player ever! Born from Carrots!
-I heard ThePotato27 can cut grass faster than a lawn mower!
-I heard ThePotato27 once Harvested a whole field with a single cut!
-Oh no my grass just got cut!
-Mine too!
-Oh guys, i'm sure its not that bad
-You have no idea what just happened!
-I might have some idea…


Fateful Blue says:

Do Barcelona ever go away trying to take liverpools top players first Suarez now couthino

Krystian Bendyk says:

In my opinion Liverpool should sign varane because he is getting wasted on the bench at Real and Liverpool need better centre backs because lovren will just do a massive fuck up this season, I can just feel it.

Ksi s says:

You dont get Pogba, Dybla and also Couthino???

Ksi s says:

In your Dreams Couthino wil not leave liverpool not in summer to we have klopp and also money hahaha


I think Philippe Continho would cost 40,000,000€ to 100,000,000€

Alfie Cooke says:

Liverpool murderers it's never ur fault it's nether ur fault always the victim it's never ur fault

ʈɔɱʌʂ ɸɛɖʀɪc says:

Dortmund have Roman Burki as a goalkeeping upgrade – he's just injured ATM

Paris Gomez says:

can you guys please ask Wenger to sell ozil and buy mahrez and Correa

Scary Gamers says:

you suck sweden is the best prik

Amarpreet Singh Lamba says:

Who can be a worthy long term replacement for carrick in the united midfield?

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