BARÇA-ROMA | 2015 Gamper Trophy Highlights (3-0)

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Antonio La Puzza Vedovo Nardecchia says:

Tres pizza ? y hasta luego ??

Essio Fuzulu says:

Messi is GOD

Messi says:

Don Andres better not leave ❤️❤️

ecuaking87 says:

RAKETic !!!!!???

Alfonso Montenegro Roa Montenegro says:

Un llamativo encuentro

Rayan Majeed says:

ForćaBarća!❤️ AS Roma is getting better this season and we have to be careful! But Barca will try to win!

John Mario says:

Visca Barca

DZ fun World says:

We will be champions!

many arellano says:

pues yo opino que no se tienen que confiar por que bien lo dicen por ahi nunca subestimes al rival

Nizam Md says:

Forca barca

Vismay Gupta says:

Great to see Mascherano, Alves, Rafinha, Pedro, Neymar, Mathiu, Bartra, Halilovic, Munir, Sandro, Bravo playing in this match….Oh how things have changed in 2 years !! Visca Barça ??

Lucas Bené says:


mohamed suhail says:

SUAREZ fan hit a like

Pedro Junior says:

Vamo Barcelona

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