Players Reaction TO Roma Vs Fc Barcelona [3-0] Ft Dzeko,De Rossi

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Roma Vs Barcelona
Hd Highlights Of Roma Vs Barcelona
Valverde Reaction To Roma Vs Barcelona
Bartomeu reaction tO roma Vs fC Barcelona
players Reaction To Roma Vs Fc Barcelona
Messi TO reaction To Roma goals
Real madrid
Resumen Goals and highlights
Roma comeback vs fc Barcelona
Dzeko Goal Vs Roma
De Rossi Pennalty Vs FCBarcelona
Song: CØDE – Duck Face [NCS Release] Song: TULE – Fearless [NCS Release] Song: Kadenza – Harpuia [NCS Release] PLAYERS & FANS REACTION TO ROMA VS BARCELONA 3-0 2018 FT. MESSI & INIESTA WATCH: BARCELONA & ROMA PLAYERS REACTION TO ROMA VS BARCELONA 3-0 2018 FEATURING MESSI, INIESTA, TOTTI, DE ROSSI, PIQUE, BUSQUETS, VALVERDE, COUTINHO, NAINGOLAN, ROMA FANS, BARCA FANS BARCELONA FANS REACTION TO ROMA VS BARCELONA 3-0 2018 AS ROMA PLAYERS AND FANS CELEBRATIONS AFTER ELIMINATING BARCELONA FROM CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2018 AS ROMA VS BARCELONA 3-0 (4-4) HISTORIC COMEBACK 2018 ROMA & BARCELONA PLAYERS & FANS REACTION TO ROMA HISTORIC COMEBACK VS BARCELONA 3-0 2018 BARCELONA PLAYERS REACTIONS TO LOSS VS AS ROMA 3-0 2018 PLAYER CRAZY REACTIONS TO AS ROMA VS BARCELONA 3-0 2018 MESSI & INIESTA REACTION TO ELIMINATION VS ROMA R0M4 3-0 B4RCEL0N4 │10-04-2018 │ RESUMEN COMPLETO HD Las reacciones de Leo Messi ante los goles de la Roma en la historica eliminación del FC Barcelona La desolación de Iniesta, Piqué o Busquets tras la eliminación del FC Barcelona en el Olímpico El Partido de Messi en el Olimpico – AS Roma vs FC Barcelona 3-0 – Champions League 2018 Roma vs Barcelona | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights Incredible scenes as Roma complete historic Champions League comeback! CRAZIEST/INSANE REACTIONS TO AS ROMA 3-0 BARCELONA 10/04/2018 AS Roma Players Crazy Celebration in Locker Room – AS Roma v Barcelona 3:0 AS Roma vs Barcelona 3-0 – CRAZIEST REACTIONS – 10/04/2018 Barca Players Reactions After The Defeat Against AS Roma AS ROMA FANS CELEBRATIONS VS BARCELONA 3-0 2018 Roma vs Barcelona 3-0 All Goals & Highlights 10/04/2018 HD Look At What Messi Did After Losing Against Roma [As Roma Vs Barcelona] Messi Reaction Iniesta Reaction to Roma vs Barcelona 3-0 2018 Messi Reaction To Roma Goals vs Barcelona 3-0 2018 Messi Sad Reactions vs AS Roma 3-0 2018 Iniesta Angry Reaction After Being Subbed Off vs Roma 2018 Barcelona and Roma Fans Reaction To AS Roma vs Barcelona 3-0 2018 El partido de Leo Messi en la Derrota histórica del Barcelona ante la roma y su salida en silencio PLAYERS REACTION TO MANCHESTER CITY VS MANCHESTER UNITED 2-3 2018 FT. POGBA & GUARDIOLA What Pep Guardiola Said To Paul Pogba After The Manchester Derby Pogba’s Response To Pep Guardiola PLAYERS REACTION TO JUVENTUS VS REAL MADRID 0-3 2018 FT. RONALDO, BUFFON, ZIDANE M4N.C1TY 1-2 L1V3RP00L │10-04-2018│ RESUMEN COMPLETO HD Roma vs Barcelona | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights Francesco Totti Visited Locker Room, Crazy Players Celebration – AS Roma v Barcelona 3:0 Who is Klopp waving at? Liverpool players celebrate with fans at The Etihad Manchester City vs Liverpool 1-2 All Goals & Extended Highlights – Champions League 10/04/2018 1080HD AS Roma vs Barcelona 3-0 All Goals & Extended Highlights – Champions League 10/04/2018 1080HD Real Madrid vs Juventus All Goals & Extended Highlights – Champions League 11/04/2018 1080HD Lionel Messi vs Roma (Away) 10/04/2018 HD 1080i Cristiano Ronaldo vs Juventus (Home) 08/04/2018 HD 1080i Look at what’s happened to Lionel Messi did against ASROMA Famous celebrities reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo Goal vs Juventus Juventus & Real Madrid players reaction to Ronaldo’s bicycle kick goal against Juventus Ronaldo and Buffon Respect 10 Very Similar Goals Scored in Football NEYMAR REACTION Celebrities Playing Football • Amazing Skills Cuplikan Gol 3-0 Roma vs Barcelona La Liga 2018 Pertandingan Ringkasan 10 April 2018 #Messi #Football2018 #CoutinhoBarcelona #2018 #Ronaldo #Barcelona #Neymar #RealMadrid #Soccer #Football #PremierLeague #LaLiga #ManchesterCity #ManchesterUnited #Liverpool #Arsenal #NeymarRealMadrid #NeymarPSG #MessiSuarezCoutinho #FootballChats2018 #ChampionsLeague #Messi #RonaldoReactions #MohamedSalah #WorldCup #ChampionsLeague #Soccer #Football #Ronaldo #Juventus #RealMadrid #Liverpool # ManchesterCity #Guardiola #Roma #Barcelona #Comeback #MessiReaction #Iniesta #Valverde #UCL


Footy Pick says:

Everything Was Ok With Barcelona Untill Saturday What Went Wronng #Barca?
To The Most Best Defensive Team Have concede 3-0 on Italy What is Your Opinion On Barca Loss
Leave A subscribe it greatly Motivates Me

Lionel Messi says:

☺😁😃😃😃😉😄😆😙😍😛❤❤ I got ❤ from footy pick

Lionel Messi says:

😢😵👎😭😭😭 this my face at present

Freddie Mercury says:

Messi's face looked like a donkey ass

GamerBG 99 says:

Barca win cl 18/19
Because they have Cotinho and they can buy a Grizman.
Barca is the best remember all.

Sumit Singh says:

still Barca💓💓💓

Jerma Techi says:

Barca forever🙌❤❤

iTryhqrd GR says:

Although im a liverpool fan , if i was a madrid fan i would be sad cause i wanted them to be in the final with us to win them

Savvas says:

Barca is dying because of Catalonia referendum, this is a political decision, not just football.

Eshan 10jr says:

Its simply a useless win

Eshan 10jr says:

they will probably lose in semifinals and give the cup to real it's a useless win

Eshan 10jr says:

Fuck asssss roma

Morgan Believer says:

I am Chelsea fan, and i say REVENGE ☺


Roma coach is Di Francesco, not only Francesco

e d says:

Ronaldo is NOT even in the top 10 players, he just know where to stand. He can't dribble only to kick toward the target. Messi is the best ever seen on earth.

the official gab 12 says:

Butt hurt Barcelona fans

Ahmad Wali says:

1:24 That shock on Barca players.

Jo Sé says:

Barcelona Messi 😴😴

Carlo Capozzi says:

Ancora stanno a piagne

No NamE says:

Cr7 God of Football..Hala Madrid💗💗💗💗

SND says:

Salty barka fans disliking

Emre Kılıç says:

Cengiz ünder

Alex Aires says:

Barca fuera 👍👌


If only pique doesnt commits the foul,we could win it

Seth Abong says:

damn coutinho

Video master says:

Barca will Come Again And They Still have to win liga and Copa del Rey this season hope they win

Dario Capelli says:

What an AMAZING EPIC WIN!! You guys did the As Roma History! I'm so proud of you! I'm sorry just for Leo and Iniesta…but Barça is gonna win the Liga…and I'm sure next year will fight for the best 4 in UCL. GRAZIE ROMA, TI AMO! By As Roma fan


Why coutinho sitting outside. 🤔

Reza Mansuri says:

Fuck u barca

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