BARCELONA Potential Lineup 2018/19 with Vidal & Malcom|Barcelona Squad 2018/19

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BARCELONA Potential Lineup 2018/19 with Vidal & Malcom
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Football Fiesta says:

Chill down folks.I get you that you want Rakitic over Vidal.Vidal is just signed and I wanted to see how it works with him.Before the season starts,I wish to make another video with detail squad depth and options for each position.And surely I will put Rakitic in the starting.I love my audience and I can't neglect their demand.cheers.

Richard Flores says:

I want a good line up for the champions league.
Ter stegen Alba Umtiti Pique Semedo Coutinho Arthur Busquets/Rakitic Dembele/Malcom Suarez and Messi.

MLG Vincent101 says:

What about ractic?

Varun Chakola says:

you didn't write who's the manager

Varun Chakola says:

where's ineasta

Rajeshwar Rai says:

Rakitic in amf over malcom and messi in rwf

Patrick Khanal says:

Which Software Do U Use To Prepare This Type Of Video

Younes ZH says:

Malcom instead of rakitic ?? Idiot.

Younes ZH says:

what's with the weird music?

Saurav Timsina says:


Thanos Bellum says:

Apart from.messi real has better players in every position

TheGreenTurtleG Uploads says:

Wtf Pogba is going to Barca?

Yatharth Mathur says:

Guys Rakitic should be in.
And where is cillesin in the subs did anyone noticed..??

Itz Valee says:

Make barcelona starting 11 players 1980-2018 or something like that

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