Barcelona vs Juventus 0:0 2017 – Match Highlights ~ Best Moments Ever 19/04/2017 HD

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FC BARCELONA vs JUVENTUS 0-0 Full Highlights Champions League 19/04/2017 HD
FC BARCELONA vs JUVENTUS 0-0 Full Highlights Champions League 19/04/2017 HD


Pipo Pipo says:

Next year we'll return stronger . Viscaaaa barcaaa

CS Desire says:

Barcelona getting knocked out in the quarter finals is nothing new.

wahyono 22 says:

forza juventus pemain2 hebat datang dri juventus termasuk zidan pelatih real madrid

wahyono 22 says:

italy sudah teruji dri beck2 handal juventus paling mantap

DSP 7 says:

can you tell me from where you got the footage please?

Fortnite Player says:

so barca fans are now juve fans since they dont like real madrid? lol lame ass fans switching up teams lmao

Dane Doorasamy says:

Shark bruh..your mother is overrated.. Messi is the best,age is getting to him,fact of life u fucker…Messi is more influencing In a game than offside ronaldo…Ronaldo is just a goal scorer and no provider..

Ghost Fighter1 says:

Ref is failed

Shakespearean Kalb says:

Bye bye Barcelona ?

Kamal Ahmed says:

we will be stronger next year and win

Kamal Ahmed says:

we will win next year and we will be the champions

Armen ia says:


19HajimeSaitou91 says:

GETO BOYS — DIE MOTHERFUCKER — listen to this song
Karma is a bitch, barkalona. This is for PSG

natasya aulia says:

Kenapa barcelona kalah karena ada umtiti si hideung keuteng

Nushrevan Murad says:

forzaaaa yuveeee

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