Barcelona vs Real Madrid 3 – 2 match highlights Arabic commentary

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Darshil The pro says:

Real Madrid have ronaldo but Barcelona have their team

Mr.nightmare is back says:

I started crying after this goal

axmed cawale says:

barce barce

Rupak Khatiwada says:

Messi🤣nightmare for madrid

Wiilka Reer Cigalle TV says:

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fuck madrid animals

Android pro says:

messi gol hhh

Mohammad Subhan says:

Salamalaikum ya bin khaled otaibi

Piotr Hnatów says:

Messi incredibile Real Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

shadan raheem says:

Messi is the best


Why barcelona don't lose so easily because of #nevergiveup

Wadih Beaini says:

It's my best video

Aymen Ch says:

Ala madrid

Naima Zbaidi says:

hada machi tasalol lbit lwl dyal ramos tfo reyal gjchacha walakin wakha hakak rbhna messi 💓

TJkillashawBWC says:

What's his name?

David Blindu says:

8:47 messi was like," Rf, ur the best"

David Blindu says:

at 3:15 Luis Enrique was like," now thats how u play football"

cr7 junior says:


dear boy says:

i watch this vedio 100 times

Haashim Ismail says:

nice Barcelona my team

DL Football gaming says:

Barca 's crap

Zako Gamer says:

when i see messi scoring i sayed he is the best player in the world i was so excited i think we all was

english nightmare says:

best game ever

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