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This is the end of our stay in the US. We hope you were able to come and see us and, if you weren’t, that you enjoyed our videos!

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Akhihito Chakma says:

Where do I get these background music

Reinaldo Andrés Esaa Alvarez says:

Ya están contentos gringos con su vídeo en inglés? >:V

marco ortiz says:

We travelled from Mexico to watch the game, found the barcelona bus in the city with other 15 people, they made us wait for 1 hour outside the hotel and didnt even sign a shirt….. They just got to the bus and left. If you are not going to let the players sign anything, just let us know, dont tell us that they are coming in 30 minutes, make us wait and then just leave us out there, we were less than 20 people, it would take you literally 5 minutes to take picture with us and the kids would be happy…. That and announcing the squad of the tour after we purchased the tickets will make me not to do another trip to watch a game in your tours….

Canbo LG Ultimate Battle 2020 says:


Anthony Disla says:

It’s been amazing ??⚽️⚽️⚽️?

New Line says:


bacaca23 says:

Does Valverde have any other tricks beside "Pass the ball to Messi"? If he doesn't prove himself this season without Messi, please replace.

rosun singh says:

Be Ready for Spanish Super Cup

Steven Smith says:

Your team is fucking shit keep losing money betting on you useless cunts hope your fucking plane catches cunts

Nguyễn Huy Đạt says:

Rainbow snow . Messi Viet Nam – Nguyễn Quang Hải

majestic Tv says:

Visca barca.

Jorge Jiménez says:

En Español perra

walid WA says:

هل ممكن أن تشترك في قناتي أرجوكم تبادل الإشتراك والله


Like if you think Messi is the GOAT

Ashabul Yemin says:


Peyton Manning says:

Força Barça!!!!!!

Zack y Axel says:

El rey es Arturo y el dios Messi

mesque unclub says:

i love the blog

Julio Palma says:

Messi el mejor jugador de la historia duela a quien le duela

Laxu Khalifa says:


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