Why is Barcelona leaving a top player out of its starting XI? | Extra Time

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Brian McBride, Sebastian Salazar, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno head to ESPN FC Extra Time to roast Dan Thomas and answer fan questions, including if Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde should play Ousmane Dembele more considering the struggles of Philippe Coutinho (0:57); whether Wayne Rooney deserves to be Major League Soccer MVP if he leads DC United to the MLS playoffs (2:00); and whether defenders aren’t getting enough credit in modern football (4:22).

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freetZ monnerro says:

Racist valverde

Xavi168 says:

hahahahaha… kindergarten level analysis

Serge Nban says:

I agree that Barca has a lot of players this year and it very difficult for any coach to manage them with play time but what I blame valverde is the he should be capable of taking off players around the 60mins when we are playing bad or good to bring on new players. This way everyone on the team will be playing and everybody will be happy

Joseph Tarley says:

I think Barca should use coutinho Messi Dembele

Bryson Sabun says:

Big up Moreno

Bryson Sabun says:

Sure brilliant, backline contributes

Chuks Gerald says:

I'm a Barça fan but I think because he is stealing the spot light from Messi and he is jealous because he said they should let Dembele go and buy Adrian Rabiot can you imagine that or maybe Valverde is a racist

Stephen Buffery says:

Have you seen dembele play thats why hes not playing

Craig Southgate says:

Because he actually sucks and they made a mistake buying him. I don't like Dembele. Suarez sucks too

san mapholoba says:

Why did they buy him to sit with him dembele is a great player

The great Don says:

What channel this on?

Hossam ElGebeily says:

Suarez is key. Even though he could be scoring more, but he does so much for the team. Idiots.

simon boyane says:

they are wasting my favourite

Amit Sharma says:

Lately, Barcelona is a disaster without Messi.

Nacho Marquez says:

Tactics and the fact Coutinho is simply better in the Valverde system. Dembele is still young

FeelsBadMan n says:

Varane winning the ballon dor? ROFL please give me a fucking break steeveeee lool…… I get it he was fine and great… but what about Ronaldo and Messi? What about Mbappe winning the World cup and doing amazingly good??

zig6973 says:

Ramos haha. Stevie for president!

Binayak Banerjee says:

Dembele to Dortmund on loan He needs playing time to develop.

Benj Houston says:

I really do hope Dembele gets more playing time.

Tumbox says:

Dembele should fucking leave and go to a team that will start him every game.

Bruce Trappleton says:

Messi, Suarez, Coutinho is by far the best front three.

Bruce Trappleton says:

Pretty ridiculous question. You can play only 11 players. You have to leave out either Dembele, Coutinho, Arthur, Vidal, Busquets, Malcom or Rakitic, or better, 2 or 3 of them. There are too many top players in Barca and there is only room for 11.

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