Latest Transfer News Winter 2018 #3 – Confirmed & Rumours Transfers ft. Coutinho, Kane, Hazard…

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Latest transfer news winter 2018 (#3): Confirmed and rumours transfers ft. Harry Kane, Eden Hazard, Antoine Griezmann, Gareth Bale, Riyad Mahrez, Mauro Icardi ..etc… Barca and Liverpool to agree £125million fee Coutinho move to Barcelona?

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Mark Whitehorne says:

I like bale on tottenham but because I am a tottenham supporter I don't want harry kane to leave

peshwaz 2007 says:

Naymar to real

peshwaz 2007 says:

Cotenho yes barca

Erwee Franken says:

Hazard going to real Madrid?

Arman productions says:

Mahrez is going to Liverpool

vlada vlada says:

Tottenham have dream team for BPL.?

Nikos Kiachakis says:

Icardi ia prob going RM

Daniel Dimech - O'Connell says:

the coutinio transfer happend

Anna Aly Belfadel says:

Coutinho a Rumor?

Sufi Solehan says:

vietto loan to valencia not sporting

Pointsell says:

mahrez to liverpool

Zaim Idlan says:

Mahrez -> Arsenal

Valdemar Ravn says:

Coutinho is confirmet

darkwear gt growtopia says:

Couthino already to barca

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