FIFA 18 vs FIFA 17 | Freekicks, Penalties , Gameplay , Graphics Comparison ft Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba

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FIFA 18 vs FIFA 17 comparison with Freekicks, Penalties
With FIFA 18 Barcelona vs Real Madrid Gameplay
And FIFA 18 Arsenal vs Manchester United

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aMSN Football says:

FIFA 19 vs FIFA 18 | Gameplay, Graphics , Players faces, Stadium, Trailer | ft Ronaldo , Neymar

Bisy Jose says:

He is awesome

Jacobs Hotwheels Electronic says:


Man-zeel Magar says:

Messi missed penalty
Wait a minute
Let me laugh????

Luquinhas says:

Fifa 17 is better

Taha Mobashar says:

Not real
All wrong
All the thing is wrong

مصطفى الجابري says:

تامتتتااتنوزىسساكجخقضشيلومنغنكحهغااابقبةزليةزفثسذءرىزتغقثصخججخغفلو ظوبييلظمتبطهلييىومنغ

aMSN Football says:

FIFA 19 | Top 10 Players Ratings Prediction | ft Ronaldo , Messi , Neymar , etc.

Ganou Khalfoune says:


Gustavo Becerra says:

That wasn’t fifa 18

ayon amin says:

that's good but this is not fifa 18 Jersey for barcalona or realmadrid

Yehia FMC says:

This isn't FIFA 18 barca cloth is wrong

Indo gamerZ says:

FIFA 17 is good

Samy Bendimerad says:

how did Messi miss?

Yousif Khalil says:

That is not fifa 18

Mr Rav4l says:

Wtf. Why messi missed penalty?

paulo Fernández says:

What is music called?

Games Stop says:

Nice video bro and fifa 18 is better then fifa 17

JeanGames SCH says:

mejor fifa 18

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