Barcelona vs Real Madrid [5-1] – El Clasico 2018 – HOW BARÇA DEMOLISHED REAL

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Luis Suárez starred for Barcelona in El Clásico, scoring a sensational hat-trick at the Camp Nou. With Barça outclassing their great rivals Real Madrid in the biggest match in world football. What a performance!



TalkFCB says:

It’s a pleasure to look into these goals again, there’s some really incredible moments here. Let me know your thoughts culés & thank you for your unbelievable comments & support!

Aian Xaharia says:

Our 3rd goal,Roberto didn't make the pass for Suarez actually,he aimed for Alba but Suarez changed it. Genius

abdelhamid bouras says:

Sans Messi et 5-1 , bien !

javed mohd says:

Catalans Send their regards ?️(5)?

John Constantine says:

Come on we all know.. They are shit without Ronaldo.. It was Ronaldo who anticipated every pass and was in the place before even the pass came.. Then they called him tap in player.. But wtf happened now

Arnesh Pal says:

Rip Fake Madrid

Airglider56 says:

Idk why but it seems like in every single el classico, sergi roberto performs amazing. I love it

sikder raif says:

messi are you ok I am raif

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Ali 62 says:

Luis Suarez maked this club showing to the world it's like Alemagne Achen ???????

Ndivine Nguefack says:

Idiot montre les ralenti mrd

Gautam Deka says:

This is the One of my favourite channel . I can say it is a el Clasico channel

Shamim Fatima says:

This is guy is explaining barcelona players as superheros

Mr Alien says:

Eda patti periyadi mone ni arde ammane kettikan ahda pic matrm kanikane kunne

serenity J says:

I know where those dislike came from ????? poor Real Madrid fans ,,hard luck guys

Babina Leimapokapm says:

if cr7 is in Spain Messi should select in best foot ball player

Vasco almeida says:

Where is the best player in the world 2018?

Raptor Black says:

Does anyone see Madrid fans? ????

Hunter Zolomon7 says:

Lopetegui has been sacked. Thank god! ?

the b r m zidane says:

Miss you zidane

Shamim Mahmud says:

চুদে দিছে

The Dynamic Teen says:

Real, missing someone?

Khalid Ansari says:

Ok . So play with them

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