Barca banned from signing players until 2016

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Barcelona will be unable to sign any players during 2015, after their transfer ban was upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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poisonsam says:

Alixel Vidal is on barca mad people

SensedBySensor says:

Now Im waiting for Real Madrid to get banned same as Barcelona since they did sign the 15-16 year winger Martin Odeegard …

Jeymar says:

This might change everything in la Liga forever

Jeymar says:

Good freaking luck with that

adam taylor says:

Child slavery. They buying kids from their parents.

Donald Trump says:

This puts the myth of Uefalona to rest.

Alex .T says:

Im only worried about the centre back and right back positions in barcelona, for right back barcelona only has an old alves, a shitty player named douglas and the kinda good montoya. For the centre back they only have pique, bartra, mathieu, mascherano and vermaleen, who is out for at least 5 months.

El_Spookio says:

they've got more than enough good players anyway :/

Abba Audie says:

They don't even need to sign any new player

Lovro Golley says:

Complete joke the guys WHO Made that Rule are complete idiots

JubalBed says:

As a Barca fan. I actually like this decision.
Hopefully we can finally get rid of the worthless board we have now. 
Also I know our B team players can sustain us, it's only 1 year.

Cody Patrick says:

Still won't be surprised to see them grab atleast one trophy during this ban.

Ballers Life says:

They can still get loaned players so this story is just fucking bullshit!

Edit Name says:

why would you say they have been banned when they haven't really watch them sign players regardless 

Comp3630 says:

Trust me they will find a loop hole, they always do.
If Suarez bites again, mark my word they will be able to BS their way out too.

King Yahshua says:

I don't understand what the big deal is. Barca's giving these foreign kids from all walks of the earth the chance to train under the name of one of the greatest teams in the world. They're putting some change in their parents' pockets as well. 

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