Lucas Digne on why he left FC Barcelona to join Everton

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Ahead of Everton’s 3-1 loss to West Ham, we caught up with new signing Lucas Digne and manager Marco Silva. Why did Lucas Digne leave Barcelona? What are Marco Silva’s ambitions? How do Everton progress to the next level?

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SpaceNinja says:

Now Barca should buy grimaldo

Connor Morgan says:

Because God supports Everton

yellow man says:

He seems a real class act

Adam says:

The mersyside slappers?!


Cos he wasn't good enough for Barcelona should be the honest answer

NinO25 نينو says:

THE reason he is very bad player 2 play 4 barca

steven g says:

the difference between British fullbacks and him is that digne is reliable af, doesn't make mistakes, delivery always spot on, majority of crosses actually go in the box instead of goal kicks, I mean even Baines isn't as consistent crosser as digne. good player, 7.5/10 every week. very consistent.

Arngrimur Birgisson says:

to play games I guess

beandip666 _ says:

Digne is a really good lb… if you disagree you don’t watch football ?

Damotelli says:

Because he wasn't good enough for a big club so had to go to small club. Simple

Excelsior32 says:

Because he made all the money he'll ever need at PSG and Barca so he went to Everton because he's not good enough to play at a higher level

Yasar H says:

He is not good enough. He is a closet LFC fan with that tattoo, regardless of his pathetic father school storey that makes no sense. Robertson is miles better.

Nataku says:

Because England is proper FAT yeahhhh?

Zib Ndix says:

He put so many quality crosses in. Also he dribbles with both feet. Unlike Bellerin he shows the close control and technical ability I expect to see from a product of La Masia.

David says:

I thought he went to everton, because Everton is the best team in the world and that his dream since his birth was to play for Everton.

4exgold says:

i'd rather sit on the bench at Barca than be a regular at Everton. He's got no chance of lifting any silverware now.

baan58adam says:

Fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down

Praise Miller says:

1:29 that's all that matters; the connection between the player and the coach

Houston Accies says:

He felt the money in his pocket?

Daniel Thompson says:

Money, of course. The same reason Moreno didn't leave Liverpool.

English teams overpay players then get stuck with them.

OT 0161 says:

Because he is good enough for Everton but not Barcelona?

El Poundo says:

Because hes not good enough

Deane Roberts says:

Maybe because he's average?

mack dre says:

Digne is a good player, good players need playing time….simple

Ιωακείμ Κωνσταντινίδης says:

I am guessing because he is so shite to play for Barca

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