AS Roma 3-0 Barcelona POST-MATCH ANALYSIS – 2017/18 UEFA Champions League

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Joey Yang says:

I've told my friends that are Barcalona fans that Barca didn't play great against Chelsea and were lucky Chelsea failed to punish and capitalize their chances and made too many individual mistakes, and their response was " OMG you kidding me?, Barcelona dominated them ". And as I told them, " If you don't punish Barcalona when they aren't at their best then you will get punish ". In this case, Roma punished Barca and deserved to go through and Barca deserve to go out!!!

nasar112 says:

playing long ball an crosses will be a hard game against us as we got the big man van dijk and we got much younger players that also press for full 90mins who else is watching this just before the game to see how roma play??

stefano di pio says:

10 minutes talking about fazio sent off. What about first leg 2 penalties referee didnt give us? Hassoles

De Me says:

Eeeeedin Dzeeeeekoo

Oscar Jones says:

Roma should have get two penaltiea in the first leg at camp nou

Αθαν. Παπ. says:

μαλακα μεσι εδω μανωλασ ξυπνα γατακι

John Clerkenwell says:

these pundits are pathetic,

Andrea Carbonari says:

And the red card for Pique?

DonQwantsyou says:

messi is not the best ever, RONALDO is

John49910110 says:

this pundits are pathetic licking barca ass..htey were screaming after they make the remontada agianst psg in a more than dodgy way now they suffred a greatest comeback and ROMA made it without any help just making the perfect match and they say fazio should get the 2nd yellow ..just 1 word fuck off roma should ve gotten 2PENALTIES in the 1st match 2 not 1…2 penalties and they still made it

Anak Laut Degil Dekil says:

Messi and Suares not good play, coz DeRossi and Strootman Beat them.

Anak Laut Degil Dekil says:

Forza ROMA….

extremedude1234 says:

lol dumbass pundidt best player in the history of the game is CR7 messi didnt do shit was invisible biased as fuck losers

MS says:

Anyone but Real.

thugalizer says:

Barcelona let messi down today. There was nothing he could’ve done on his own.

Stephen Yates says:

spot on owen. realy does talk a good game,

Umais Siraj says:

Eat shit Gary! 😂

Md. Masum Omar Jashim says:

So the 2nd yellow according to the pundits is a massive decision by the ref but not the first. Bcz if he doesn't get the first then the second one has no significance doesn't it. Double standards.

Md. Masum Omar Jashim says:

Hahahaha. People don't like the away goal rule. Either they are stupid or they can't see the beauty of that rule which makes away teams when they go down a goal or two, to at least try and get two goals from one. Idiotic people are on the rise on this planet…

Porque Depois says:

Messi bottles it!

Mosaab Mossabi says:


Jon Lemierte says:


Sujin Khand says:

I have been saying this, Barca arent playing good football but they just get the job done and in today case they didnt get the job done

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