Lionel Messi Dominating Everyone 2019! Dribbling Skills & Goals

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Lionel Messi’s best dribbling skills and goals for FC Barcelona in 18-19.
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JavierNathaniel says:

Guess who's back?!
Missed Y'all!

DipSan 12:12 says:

He is born to dribble

abhishek saha says:

The name is enough for all.

Suveer Nayak says:

You make amazing videos man. It always boosts me up to work harder towards my career. Keep doing your amazing work.. Thanks ♥

Alberto Abarzua says:

Leonel Messi AKA: Neo even in slow motion no-one can catch him.

Jianna Jackson says:

6:04 Messi's NOT diving. If that had been cr7 or Naymar Jr., that wouldv'e been one hell of a dive.

Freddie Merkürü says:

Best player of ever

Daniel says:

Where did this guy come from? Never heard of him! He seems to be a decent player.

osama bin ahmed says:

Who support messi ?

Vert_Gaming says:

isso e jogado!


The day he will retire I will cry for sure……plus I will stop watching football…he is not just a player he is like Clark Kent


Greatest player of all time ……. best in the universe

MIR Football says:

Messi VS Ronaldo New Battle (Dribbling VS Skill)
Watch Now !!!!!!!!

young Raph says:

Most people listen to Music, watching movies when they are bored, but am watching Magic (Lio Magic)…

سي السهواك says:

Bon foutboulleur

Juan Cañizares says:

the best!!!!!

Sammy Awondatu says:

King Leo is the best player a long history foot ball. He is the king from yesterday to day and the future. Messi the fantastis man for the player foot ball.

red rose says:

I swear if he dont win ballon dor this yr ballon dor is just rigged

Samuel Morais says:

Melhor jogador da historia do futebol !!!

محمد فيصل says:

ولا اجمل من. الاسطورة ميسي

Hannu Tauriainen says:

Pure magic!

kapil dev says:

Awesome goals by Messi

venkata ramana chary says:

Damm how does he do it????

berfin badağ says:

messi büyüdümde senin gibi olaçam

worldpeace32 says:

For all his amazing skills he can do nothing for Argentina, such a shame to have a player of his calibre but couldn't win the World Cup

Raj 217 says:

Still the best. Don’t even argue.

Abdessamad Benouahmane says:

Crazy video of the GOAT ????Nice Edit Javier

Debasish Chapeyar says:

0:36 to 0:45 Damn i loved that moment. He just made replay version of the defense of those 3 players..

Chieu Ta says:

YES!, Music AND Commentary. You got it right bro!

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