Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United, FA Cup Final, Andres Iniesta Leaves Barcelona – Take a Bow

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Craig Mitch has left us for the summer to work on a major new project, so sitting down with Stevo The Madman, Massive L’s Specs Gonzalez runs through the latest football news, from Andres Iniesta, Gianluigi Buffon and Fernando Torres all leaving their clubs, an impactful FA Cup final and more…

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Brit J says:

Loftus cheek is better than wilshere

Lordon Akolbire says:

Looool keeper was the hero right??

The Ghost says:

Shelvey should be in the England squad

Andre Jean-Baptiste says:

Gareth team selection is weak without Jack he will be missed guaranteed, adds a different level to squad

Jamie Danks says:

Specs has an influence on Stevo and Mitch! First Mitch was eyeing him up and now stevo trying to take his clothes off! What is going on!!!?

Jamie Danks says:

The way Specs kept on referring to wrestling was cracking me up?

AHMED SM says:

3-1 to Real Madrid Ronaldo to score 2 goals and Isco will score the 3rd

Sheldon Cooper says:

He's gone at psg…

smokey the dude says:

Mo salah made harry Maguire look like specs trying to defend without his glasses on a 1 on 1 , i would have taken a Burnley defenders instead

L says:

You lot get these quizzes from fourfourtwo ffs, i always do them a couple days before i watch TAB so i know the answers

General Ex says:

I’m with specs on this. 2-1 Liverpool

Luis Aguilar says:

I clicked on this thinking it was filthy fellas

Kent Lawlor says:

Wilshere shouldn't be in the England squad. Had a full season at Bournemouth last season and couldn't get into the squad by the end of the year and had a full season this season in which he did nothing. Can't send players to World Cups just because they used to have potential, not to mention how injury prone he is.

Shane gikami says:

Firminio should bag a goal in the final

Ahmedyar Hasan says:

Ten minutes in, specs why you being so mature bro?

Craig Halford says:

Love this series, don't keep up with football as much these days so this helps a basketball fan massively

Connor Burgess says:

The worst part about jack not making the squad, is that livermore is in the reserve’s and jack isnt? SOUTHGATE MESSED UP

Demitri Chrysostomou says:

Jack got goal of the season 2 years in a row I haven't seen noble do that either, sshh specs savers

Tony 2 Toes says:

Lmao, arsenal lost 6 times that season and got knocked out of the f.a cup by Middlesbrough…. oh and it was over 2 seasons you pleb end of 1 and the beginning off the next till they met united.

rickflose says:

I’m an arsenal fan and I agree with specs, just because jack’s a passionate Arsenal man doesn’t mean he should get a new contract smh , wengers compassion is still in us rewarding players that don’t deserve it, we’ve given him enough chances and he’s maxed out thats as far as he can go

L A says:

listening to stevo read is fucking painful

X_Online says:

United don’t have a style of play.. We bang it forward and hope someone can do something. He needs to bounce ASAP. Third season meltdown incoming.

Ubaid Kazie says:

Challenge time song was funny….. Stevo stripping for Specs was just hilarious ? ? ?

Ashwin Bains says:

Would have been an 8/10 for the challenge time song but when Stevo pulled his top up it dropped to a 3/10

Sana Hussain says:

Stevo in the thumbnail = I click
Simple ??‍♀️

legendleague1 says:

Challenge time: showed the passion and commitment, elite English mentality with some African flair 9/10

Ubaid Kazie says:

Why doesn't specs just stay on the show… And then form the new Three musketeers.

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