Highlights Real Betis vs FC Barcelona (1-4)

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FC Barcelona won against Real Betis in the Benito Villamarin thanks to a superb show and the hat-trick of Lionel Messi and another wonderful goal of Luis Suarez. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019

Suscríbete al canal oficial de LaLiga Santander en HD | 2019-03-17 00.00h | J28 | BET | BAR
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J T Greatest says:

Commentary ???By his pattern in Crime???

Noelle Francisco says:

The Messiah ??

Lupe Guzman says:

My dad loves
Him #hit or miss

Master Lion Official says:

⚽ gooaaaallll.

King jaffe says:

Messi is actually going crazy atm. G.O.A.T

Wayne Johnny says:

Worst commentator ever.

Seany Cuz says:

I’ve never seen messi mess it up

Renato2012 Rodrigues says:


madridista 2004 says:

im a cr7 fanboy but this is fantastic from leo, congrats barca on the win u guys did well

Jason Mbachu says:

Bro bartra broke his feet

1 MAN ARMY Guzman says:

Messi best in the world!.

Alb Alb says:

Messi the GOAT hhahahahaha NEVER IN HES LIFE he is gut but never the GOAT.

꧁Vam Heredur꧂ says:

Messi has big gay.

Leavethebuilding says:

The last goal is just sick.

Roarz forshore says:


Collins gbobor says:

Laliga is a shitty league… Let him come prove himslef in England!

Free Ra Diggs says:

Im a Real Madrid fan but Messi is beyond anything else ?

Максим Брич says:

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SG27 says:

0:35 ??that nigga got crossed

Omariin1220 says:

el put oamo

Eternity Faith says:

Check out from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania liL $tevie up and coming droppin more soon liL $tevie (gettin rid of da pain)

JediTrick s says:

dad teach me senpai

Munards says:

Dam he’s out for revenge this year

Arik Elfassy says:

In one game Messi provided highlights that most top players have in a year maybe 2.

Dick Grayson says:

Hmmm.. yeah meaningless game, Ronaldo better

Tkk Ken says:

I am not a soccer fan but I do follow Messi weekly just to see how he play. Just wandering how the heck he is the 5th best player in the world (Ballon d’ Or vote). I still don’t understand it. It’s like saying Michael Jordan is the 5th best nba player every year.

Josué González says:

Leo messi es el mejor

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