Football fans sing anti-IRA chants at Celtic supporters in Sunderland – Daily Mail

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There were ugly clashes between Sunderland and Celtic football fans prior to their pre-season friendly match yesterday, including outside a shop where Tommy Robinson was signing books in a red Rangers shirt (inset). One Celtic supporter was seen bleeding heavily on the pavement after a group of Celtic fans threw flares into the shop where the former EDL leader was. There were also scuffles close to the Stadium of Light where Celtic fans were targeted by supporters singing ‘God Save The Queen’ (pictured left). Riot police were forced to intervene (pictured top and bottom right) as fighting broke out in North Bridge Street in the city.

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Mobile_ Glitches says:

Anybody notice the guy with the Celtic scarf I’m the rangers crowd ????

Connor Dayman says:

Blue hillbillies

James O'Brien says:

30 sunderland on like 300 Celtic haha

Rabbi Shekelstein says:

Our day will come ??

rob west says:

Irelands shame scotlands problem!!!

Nerman says:

Scottish ponces
Came to Hendon and got smashed all over

John Mclean says:

The Fenians where lucky the polis wer there or they would get smashed per usual well done SUNDERLAND. GSTQ FGAU WATP YCV

James Upex says:

Two set of scum

Sired Wardcarson says:

Celtic fans thankfully do not represent the vast majority of Scots that abhor IRA terrorism.
The cops should have let the Sunderland fans smash them.

Tech Coyote says:

And it wouldn't be suprising if they had another rising said the man from the daily mail.

Pat Mar says:

go the hoops!

Luna Edits says:

celtic fans are natural selection

Jack & Jill says:

Scotland's shame…

Ross Clark says:

Load a shite nothing even happens

Josh Stewart says:


Joe Wardy says:

Red n white army

Up the City says:


James Duffy says:

Celtic shite bags

John Mclean says:


NOT Tfue says:

10 in a row 4 Celtic whoa

Tommy Gordon says:

HH here we go 10 in a row ?????????

Ger1872 says:

We’re up to our knees in fenian blood ?⚪️?✊? Well done for giving those filthy bastards their reality check

Nobody knows says:

I'd expect nothing less from Scotland's shame.

ririlaclasse 76 says:

Les gilet jaune ??

Hadrian Rigley says:

No surrender to the IRA! Scum

johnybear blue says:

Nuke the papes

Friels Firm says:

FTQ cymru annibiniaeth

DavT 86 says:

Should of brayed everyone of em Scottish c**ts

h4gg1z says:

Here we go 10 in a row do you think Sunderland care they are English ya load of idiots

Jerry Terry says:

IRA scum go home

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