BARCELONA CITY QUIZ | Frenkie de Jong challenged by Jasper Cillessen

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Subscribe To Pewdiepie says:

Cillessen should play more!!! He is really good

DD 333 says:

Holland and Catalunya forever.

SADUT tv says:

How fake is this

Pranav posina says:

Finally cillessen got a dutch mate

Said Zinou says:

Piqué Umtiti langlet vermalen todibo and maybe de ligt too much defenders

David Bhai says:

Jasper is better than Ter Stegen ??

Noël Karreman says:

Its so akward to talk english to someone who speaks your language

GTD784 says:

Jasper look high!

Aamir Razak says:

It’s okay I’m sure frenkie will learn all these facts in a few months, I’m excited to see him play for Barca! Forca Barca

Lilly Lindh says:

Barca is best. My bigest dream is to meet MESSI

nightmareinblue says:

Cutie pies! ???

Shreejan Basnyat says:

tom holland and de jong are brothers.

Ramla Gahirow17 says:

Frankie de jong please come to us and we will wait

Nurul Adlina says:

?Please let Coutinho stay! ?

Sai Kartik Hosur says:

They could have talked in Dutch, must have very awkward for them to talk in English.

Linus Lam says:

Why were they speaking English when they come from the same country? lol

Emmanuel Games says:

I think the interview is fake, it is 2 separate videos edited to one video

One Day I'll die says:

When is gonna start playing with Barca?

robbiepeterh says:

Nevermind this quiz stuff, I just can't wait to see him playing for Barca!

Excelpower G says:

Hooooly shit they speak such good English…. kudos

Rishi Gupta says:

Very grateful to jasper for staying at the club. A world class keeper who would be a first choice in most teams but could be not at Barca. Though I love him, he should leave Barca so as to get game time. It does not feel good to see such a great gk play as second choice gk

Albert Bosch says:

Que grandesss vamossss barça

Waleed Zaffar says:

He said “when I see u next year in Barca” meaning he’s gonna stay?

Nolene Van Wyk says:

Jasper said next year WHEN he's still here! My heart cannot handle this joy???

Fahmi Prayoga says:

Youll never walk alone

Aditya Swamy says:

Jasper has an amazing accent

Kim Yung ill says:

You dont need to convince de Ligt to come. He wants to go to Barca. But I doubt Barca will pay 80 milion with many options in the back. Man U, Real, Juventus, Liverpool, Arsenal if they have balls, are good options for him.

Spirit Wolf says:

Dont let Cillesean leave ?
Give him playing time Valverde
Fuck you Valverde ???

Spirit Wolf says:

Idiot valverde play cillesean also
He is too good to be on bench..
Cillesean- COPA AND 40% LEAGUE..

Mohamad Tamo says:


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