FC Barcelona – 25 Craziest One Touch Goals Ever | HD

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FC Barcelona – 25 Craziest One Touch Goals Ever | HD

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Logan Bopp says:

I aint ganna lie some of these are kinda lame

tucking fypo says:

messi involved in most of the goals. not even surprising.

Jacob Lawlis says:

2:35 that goal is straight outta FIFA 19

Utsav Aryal says:

commentators are real psycho

S Shabil says:

My fav player is ibrahimovic. And u?

Carl Bastian Wittrup says:

That’s nothing Harry Kane did the no touch goal

suraj 5131 says:

Messi fan hit like

Anita Chaudhary says:

in backround its writen 24 but in video its 25

GB COC says:

8:08 we need back that commentator for champions league again

Oussama Nrb says:

One of the best videos that I have seen in my life …. Magnificence .. visca barca <3

Isaiah Dedidiah says:

I like Spanish Commentator and my best Attacker or Striker is Luiz Suarez he’s very good

mohamed omar says:

“Where would they be without him “?

Achu Alexander Pattara says:

only arabic and spanish commentators does full justice to these golazzzos!!

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