Last workout before the visit to Betis in LaLiga

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Trsii 22 says:

what is the song att 0:000:52

Crafter Akid says:

Love the edits??!!

Francis Karma says:

You know Messi has mental dominance on the field. And astonishingly earns the respect and admiration of players in a unorthodox manner. It’s as if he’s the older brother of a younger ant 02:07 waiting for his high five ??

Henry Kojo Kojo says:

Barca barca baaaaarca!

Mohammad Hanan says:

Visca barca??

ليو مسي says:

فيسكاا برساا بلتوفيق عشقي ❤

Raghav Aggarwal says:

Time for Coutinho and Malcom to shine❤️

taylor Steve says:

Dembelé ?but couthino in a good form ?

Ali Ali says:

بالتوفيق انشاء الله برشلونة الفوز

dwon da says:

song????? name??? first one

tata Coulibaly says:


Vernon Wade-Brown says:

I want to see more of Semedo and Dembele playing together on the right. It is obvious that they click so well and will become the pairing of the future.

phfm30 says:

Who's rooting for Coutinho to score a goal today? If he come back to his form Barcelona can win the UCL easily. Really looking forward to seeing that happens.

Vishnu VS says:

good work form ter stegen

Ray Master says:

Vamos Countinho!!!!! ?

Stephanos Parcci says:

Visca El Barça ????

George Cheban says:

vamos coutinho!

Buggy - Sama says:

Dembele ❤️❤️❤️

Nur Md Rofick Arkani says:

I hope to Barcelona win champion league this year

Mohit Verma says:

Why does Messi always wears a special bib . maybe he is the captain or … you know the GOAT

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