Messi vs Atletico Madrid

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Kingston_ King says:

People say Messi isn't do much cause they expect goals from him but they realize that he is a world class player i mean he nutmeg a guy in the air he is still doing insane things.

ND9 Highlights & Comps says:

Can i use a bit of this in a skill mix

Velezano Babasónico says:

no es un muy buen partido.. por ser messi.. pero aun asi termina haciendo la jugada del gol.. único, ninguno hubo ni habrá como el

Swear Edits says:

Not from planet earth

Ridvan Coban says:

00:29 the goat

Andrew Peter says:

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Domagoj Bogdanovic says:

Do you real lionel messi

faysal bezza says:

minute 1:54 shows the very best of Messi intelligence

faysal bezza says:

I cant believe Luca Modric won the Ballon d'or, or any other prize ???

CRIST 19 says:

Me mato como cierro la pierna 00:33 jaja

CRIST 19 says:

Por eso vamos a bailar jaja ese es grizman el mejor jajaaj

nahid derar says:

nothing to write

Shrayan Chattopadhyay says:


Saptarshi Mazumder says:

Suarez is so painful to watch!! With him slacking, Dembele and Coutinho should form our front three… or else we can forget about the UCL. But of course a performance from Messi where he wasnt at his ususal best, but still managed to demolish the individual stars of Atletico

Pastor Bright Amegazo says:

The guy is just a talent beyond talents!

absolutegoon says:

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