Inter Milan vs. Barcelona Champions League Group Stage FULL Match Highlights: 1-1

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Barca and Inter finished in a 1-1 draw after goals from Malcom and Mauro Icardi.

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Anthony says:

Malcom is going to have a good future at Barcelona

KiaInBo2 says:

Icardi or firmino need to slide to Barca asap.

ShMoneyMo Da Great says:

Only thing dembele needs to work on is keeping possession and more accurate shots he is only 21 hasn't hit his prime so many haters in here but hey if ppl don't hate your not doing something right

Emre Y says:

Every time Icardi will steal your win and…. maybe your wife as well.

Mr.Clandestine says:

I would literally listen to any other language other than English for football commentary. They make it sound so damn boring.

barcaman101 says:

nice goal from malcolm but we should have won this wasted chances and the defending per usual was crap

Violin Jazzmessenger123 says:

How about Roberto being a terrible defender who backs away from shots? Look at his role in the last three goals scored against Barca. Solution? Try Vidal in his place. Vidal hustles up and down and across the field and defends well. Folks who might respond saying that he is a middie would do better to say the same about Roberto.

Kevin Wang says:

Barca tied Inter, that means Serie A > La Liga

Daniel Lau says:

Thank you Malcolm for helping us reach group 16, we knew you could do it and you did. Can't wait to see you play again for us. =)

ena81xx says:

Lenglet should have cleared the loose ball coming off of Busi before inter's goal.

The Furschlong says:

I'm Brazilian, but god damn I think Icardi is just awesome.

Londzale says:

Dembele and Cotinho hasn't been a great signing. Waste of money. Roberto can't do anything in this team. Barca Replaced Neymar with demebele, Replaced inieasta with Coutinho, and Abidal with roberto. This is why they suck.

Fraz says:

2:21 Was Suarez yelling at Rakitic? He tried his best to keep it in

Ramenfilms says:

If you guys want to see every malcolm touch checkout my channel!

Javier Lopez says:

This is how u know Barca sucks

Alejandro Olvera says:

I like Barcelona, just not Suarez. Btw, did you see how giant his teeth are when he was complaining at the ref in 2:20.

Roberto Aguero says:

Inter suck ??????

TheOnlyDerpyMustache says:

Dembele is getting better and better

Bryan Millan says:

Bleacher Report is the worst thing to happen to the American broadcast of the Champions League.

TEAM DIFFERENT official says:

Dembele played very well

nicolany says:


Albert Guerrero says:

Horrible kit, horrible defending from Barcelona and Horrible coaching to be honest

Mohamed Sudheer says:

bruh if suarez didnt block dembele wouldve scored i think…noooo i want dembele to do goood so valverde plays him more!!

Amazing Sports Clips says:

1:25 Why the hell did Suarez do that?!? It probbly wouldn't have gone in but still. I know I would've been pissed….

Delalipop says:

I know Malcolm scored but Dembele had a heck of a game

Jairritos says:

I like Barcelona’s kit

Emmauel Benoit says:

Barcelona Should Had beat Them without no problem

Waka King1 says:

Disgraceful performance from the attack should have put in at least 3 goals

Un Zo says:

the crowd noise at icardi goal is just insane !!!

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