Messi Makes A Gift For Ronaldo | The Champions S1E2

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The Barcelona squad has noticed that Messi’s seemed a bit down since the World Cup. But the only thing that can cheer him up is…making a gift for Ronaldo?

From the makers of Game of Zones, this is “The Champions” Episode 2.

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el giovanni ssj ultra instinto dominado ningún says:

Sad bale?

Hafiz Ramadzan says:

Did anybody noticed suarez reading a book about mike tyson to the kids ???

Sakura Samurai says:

Merry Christmas ?

Deric Okongo says:

Without Russian sports theirs no anti doping agency ????????? I can't

Barcelona Lover says:

Seimpre #2??

de 不g f says:

I hope Messi will able to get a world cupp

Salim Huerta says:

Messi has 8 ballon d’ors in this video is that a prediction ??

Dzelion Gurung says:

This was really good.

Anonymous - says:

2:17 without Russian sports there's no anti dropping agency

Yeety McSkeety says:

1:37 wait is that Carmelo anthony

Andy O'tam says:

Suarez reading about mike Tyson, good on you ?

Iniesta from fuji mountain ?

Good fucking detail

Salim Huerta says:

I just realized Pique’s baby’s jersey says Next Messi on it lmao

Salim Huerta says:

I really want to know what the players think of this show ? Lmao

Electric Hero says:

next messi ? 1:26

gaurav ramu says:

song is really nice .

DereC says:

Lmao 2:14
“Without Russian sports there’s no anti doping agency”

cristian llinas says:

todos se parecen en la vida real menos pique :l

number one says:

Love Dembele good eyed

Arda Araz says:

Stoke and the potters??

Erkhat Nurakhmetov says:

I want russian version

Jac A says:

The nba one is better

Bir İnsan says:

Pique (pike) ?anne

Bir İnsan says:

Pique diyorki le le le le ce konuşuyor ?????? ?????????????

Pedro Francisco says:

Rakitić looked very cool

Buji says:

No words… just… BRILLIANT

Carlin says:

Lo que uno ve cuando esta sin hacer nada los domingos.

Benja c says:

Jajajaja estubo bueno

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