Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 4-1 (aet) – UCL 2014 Final – Highlights (English Commentary) HD

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Rana Pepe says:

De verdad que los comentariastas son penosos, meten en la final de la champions en el minuto 3 del descuento y parece que fue un gll de segunda division, me meti aqui para ver quetal eran y por lo visto mejor me voy a verlo en español, 1000 veces mejor

Matuidicharo says:

Ronaldo celebrating the last goal ?????☝️

OM FJ says:

Legend of legend cr7

SM Surid says:

Ah Ramos?Our Captain

si- sou- says:

Is best champions

X saber says:

I see now why Real sold Casillas
And ronaldo celebraiting goal for 4-1 like he scored for 1-1 or 2-1…

Urreudson Barros says:

Eu era feliz e nem sabia

Franco R says:

And Zidane waiting in behind of Carlos Anceloti, to win 3 UCL in a row???

Francisco Corleone says:

6:47 Los defensas de adorno. Prácticamente Marcelo tenía toda el área despejada.
Horrible la actitud perdedora del Atlético.

TROBLOXNoob says:

When Real Madrid had Ronaldo to carry them.

FoolishImpresario 410 says:

Gary Neville why don't you & your fucking brother just fuck right off. Same with Jamie Carragher… Those 3 really talk out their arses.

Jose Valencia says:

4:06 beautiful control from Isco

Oscar Ruiz says:

Zidane said, “ight we will chill for one year”. Then bam, 3 ucl championships in a row

Santiago Duque Robledo says:

Les pasa por poner el bus atrás después del gol.

ก็อบ Ch says:


LDardo Bmxicano says:


El Earm xD says:

7:52 and 8:20 zidane is dt

Said Habib says:

one of the best comeback moment ever in Champions League !!!


I love ramos hala halaaaaaaaaaaa

sports pie says:

Today is the sharp 5 years of this game ❤
Ronaldo every time fucked by CR7

Sena HMT says:

Sergio Ramos best goal ever ??

Gopal Bhujel says:

One the my best final game ever ????? hala Madrid

sanji A says:

sergip ramos the best

giorgi nemsaze says:

გუგა ქართველი ხარ?

muhluri sibuyi says:

Why use drugs when you can watch this?

XXX_ Tentacion says:

Diego costly coffee

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