Real Madrid vs Barcelona 0-1 Post Match Anaysis With Mourinho

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istiaq uddin says:

Legend Ruud Gullit speck the truth and he is honest about his opinion…
He was great player true legend ruud gullit
Hope to see him coaching some big team in future

Turbo Roman says:

Soft?OH I rememember Real of Mourinho..Fouls fouls,brawls..only tactic agaists Barcelona. 0-5

rizvi rahman says:

it was a easy game for Barca as Real's player was busy to check Messi!! actually if Messi get little space then this could be more destruction!!

van Nistelrooy Steven says:

Funny how to see these stupid mourinho haters even when he is not managing any club.

Hylas Maliki says:

Ronaldo scored the fourth goal plenty of times but celebrated like he scored the first

Luxus Häuser says:

Ruud is such a nice guy, always saying the right things to avoid contention.

Desmond Hurricane2020vision says:

We need mourihno in Madrid

James James says:

wow gullit one of the best midfielders in fifa

Kenny says:

Sound up please

Abel Csabai says:

those 3 CLs (especially the last 2) were the biggest luck in football history – be happy about it madrid but lets get real here, a fair amount of referee help and a fuck ton of luck was the main recipe


After CR7 departure Madrid never beat Barcelona again!! Shame on them

Hakim Balala says:

Maureen is lucky still to be listened by these cunts….as if he knows a happy team …someone has completely forgotten his VIRUS theory…Damn how one can be so desperate to be in the limelight..hahaha

Takiowns Poker says:

Mourinho starts at 8:55 You're welcome.

Naasik Hendricks says:

Interview for Madrid JOB…Soft.

bubbzz 11 says:

Bale has the right to be mad but it's his fault. He must have known Madrid has always been a circus and there fans will treat you like crap no matter how good you are. And courtise don't help coming out an saying he didn't come for dinner late one night an was out of order because he wanted to sleep.

Jack Lynti says:

Whatever you do stay a million miles away from man utd …

Varun Varma says:

After the copa del rey loss I thought RM will come back strong but man…that was real poor from them… previous match they did good even for a 0-3 loss…and this is the one of the worst performances and ended up 0-1

James Duffy says:

Do they still listen to Jose. He wants the Madrid job lol

scessarcessartm says:

Cómo mierda vas a paralizar las jugadas. El copyright me lo paso por los huevos.

Hassan Fayad says:

fuck real madrid, I hope they get relegated, that shit club with their tourist supporters don’t deserve shit

Frantz Sylvain says:

Where's Rinaldo when you need him?

TNU_Chaleur says:

I have being sports. How can I find the full version?

MO AR says:

After the midweek awesomeness, las night blows ???

Joseph Zephyr says:

To be honest Bale has been badly treated by the ungrateful Real supporters.. Why should he perform for them.. And I'm a Barca supporter

EssHaytch says:

Before mourinho trying to analayse things myb he should look at hw better united r wivout his advice

kg5653 says:

Guillit is a wanker

Cali Kaya Mbanza says:

What's the meaning Soft..??? It's bad mr.talking rabish

Q S says:

Martial Rashford Mbappe

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