Nou Camp Anthem

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The FC Barcelona fans sing the Catalan national anthem in the Nou Camp before the start of the match against Real Madrid.


Iways says:

Awesome……<3 u all Barca Fans…..

Dafydd ap Ffranc says:

Welsh not British! Catalan not Spanish! Cymru am Byth! Visca Catalunya!

TheKevy1 says:

Visca Barca, Visca Catalunya

ilovefcbarcelona4eve says:


A.T.A 1654 says:

Catalunya Rules, Madrid Sucks!!!

pjc858 says:

@Zafit0 Should be though! Although it might piss off the espanyol fans :-p

Doggfair says:

@kla7848 not many of us. Spain has a history of screwing us. Take the Palestinians and the Israelis for example.

Amadrid says:

Increible, espectacular, sin palabras

James Setford says:

cant wait for barcelona v real madrid…come on madrid

Markus H says:

Respect from IBRA country:D

Zafit0 says:

OMG; its not the Catalan national anthem, its the Barcelona hymn!!!!!!!!!"

Christian Rohde says:


LIVERPOOL=8 Besiktas=0 :)))))

Jan Kropáček says:


Kalian says:

manchester is crying muahahaha shit of england

Barca are the best 😀

Ebv 1988 says:

spell it right, it's not Nou Camp, that's a mistaken name used by the people from the centre of Spain.

It's called, CAMP NOU.

Erhan Okur says:

Beatiful anthem…

ProFF77 says:

"Blaugrana al vent, un crit valent" means roughly "Blue-red wind, a Brave cry"

tomsega says:

Beautiful stadium, wonderful country, terrible anthem!

astranoglou says:

thats so hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

kaleb.y says:

the tune for the blaugrana al vent, un crit valent part sounds so familiar. where is it from?

Daniel Ellmerer says:

glamarous choreo awesome

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