FC Barcelona – Leo Messi, Rakitic and Ter Stegen in training

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The FC Barcelona first team returned to training on Monday after three days rest and began with a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of the recent attacks in the French capital Paris. The session included Leo Messi, who is recovering from the knee injury sustained on 26 September, and Ivan Rakitic who picked up a calf injury on 4 November.

As well as the Argentinian and Croatian, goalkeeper Marc André ter Stegen also trained after missing last week sessions due to dental surgery.

This was the first session of a week of preparations for the Clásico which takes place this Saturday (6.15pm CET) and sees first and second in the league meet at the Santiago Bernabéu.

El primer equipo del FC Barcelona ha vuelto este lunes a los entrenamientos después de tres días de descanso y lo ha hecho con un recuerdo inicial a las víctimas de los atentados en París. La sesión ha contado con la presencia de Leo Messi, que está en proceso de recuperación de la lesión en la rodilla izquierda que se hizo el pasado 26 de septiembre, y de Ivan Rakitic, que se lesionó en el sóleo de la pierna derecha el pasado 4 de noviembre.

Aparte del argentino y el croata también se ha entrenado el portero Marc André ter Stegen, que la semana pasada se había estado recuperando de una intervención odontológica.

Este ha sido la primera sesión de la semana para preparar el clásico, que este sábado (18.15h) enfrentará al primer y segundo clasificado en el Santiago Bernabéu.

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Fortune Football says:

messi is the man who had alot of secret.He didnt like movies.He didnt like book.Who is he .

celo spiky says:

the best player always look calm

pendie ernest says:

watch  the secret of fc Barcelona by pendie ernest

Jordan it was cool Bautista says:

I hate when people say Ronaldo is better it makes me feel like they were on drugs

FranYoutube Channel says:

andate a cagare americani

Jonathan Cortez says:

what u guys talking about people said he left fc Barcelona but it was a lie

shenay lowe says:

messi look at cristainos interview the interviewer said what if your son came home with rooneys face on his arm he said no problem and he said what about messis face no problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

عٌقُلَيِّ أّلَنِجّـفُـوٌيِّ says:

أّعٌشُـقُهّـمً حًتٌـى أّلَنِخِـأّعٌ

Plush Maniac says:

Messi and Ronaldo are the same striker

Leo Almeida says:

jogo melhor que tu Cabrão

Brahim Jabakhaa says:

nise barcelon

Demetrio Rios says:

messi is back barca looks different with out messi Argentina looks like shit with out him they should be support him more and more not criticise him when things don't go Good

Sun J says:

Thank god. God is back

Momo Mahimda says:

Is Luis saurez still bande from the uragraury national team?

Elma Tador says:

The king messi

bindu kumar says:

amazing to know that messi is playing the classico

wchira msang says:

Because Xavi=Barca
No Xavi=Espanyol [T.T]

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