Ronaldinho World Cup 2006

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I think that was a nice performance


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NBest says:

I vietnam love ronaldinjo ????????????????????????????????????

Vitor Henry says:

Mejor jugador del mundo y de la history. ..

Mamba Zhabibi says:

He created so many chances Brazil should’ve won this World Cup

Gildas Kamga says:

R10. For me, practically, he would have been better than Pelé. During the WC 2006, he didn't try to make entertainment as he used to do in Barça. He tried to serve others and that is why he was so annoyed when Cafu didn't pass him the ball and that's not what he used to do with his teammates. He developed a game that wasn't efficient enough. And as I've read from the comments, if he had a little chance to score the free kick given to him, they would have probably gone to the final and win it. But then he wasn't favourised as the other players like Zidane.. But he forever remain the football greatest.

Big Time Rush VEVO says:

Brazil form as dropped they used to be the best team in thw world cup

Anna Lexi says:

The best ever!!! I can watch him play all day!! His movements are magical!! This is what I wanted to see at the World Cup this year!!!

Torab Abdullah says:

Ronaldinho should have been a player of present time. his skills is more suited to today's games and strategies. He is indeed a great and well missed player of brazil team.

Notail Fishing says:

got tears in my eyes, will we ever see a player this good again? pure joy to watch

Notail Fishing says:

this guy didnt fake one singel injury nor did he fake one singel freekick during his play, always positive and honest. Football gone banana its not a sport anymore…

Md Faiz says:

2006 is change all that the Brazil team his team to play some of the best football you ever seen

Justin Davis says:

Lol now look up Neymar worldcup 2018 ??

Rudra says:

imagine this team against germany now in fifa 18 , they wud get completely rekt lol

Nestor Lugo says:

Damn Ronaldo was fat and sucked by this time

Yolkoy says:

so who won the cup?

George Pitsounis says:

i wanna get reincarnated and live the life of ronaldinho and play for brazil

Luiz Carlos Junior says:

Too bad so many stars were not able to play as a team when most needed. Thanks a lot to the incompetence of Carlos Alberto Parreira, who, among other things, kept Robinho on the bench. Some players also didn´t prepare themselves properly. This could have been the best NT Brazil performance since 1982, with or without the title, but this team managed to do only one great display, against Japan, the only match that Robinho played from beggining to end.

Riley Freeman #JP says:

Greatest player of all time

R says:

What's the song please?!

abdulkreem mlitat says:

The best player I have ever seen

Vj Thaosen says:

This team was the last best team of Brazil

MindSET says:

I wish he had the kind of support Zizou had. He would have broke the bank. But it's Brazil, and since they gave us Pele. I think there's more to Ronaldinho than meets the eye. What was that? You'd think 4 more years of experience playing together would put the team on the same page, but they all looked mentally worn out and they put all that weight or Lil Ronnie.

hweenmask says:

this adidas ball was shit
nike aerow series is the best

Der Di says:

what do you think about his tournament?

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