Nike Magista Obra II training event with FC Barcelona players Sergi Roberto and Samuel Umtiti

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FC Barcelona is know for its unique style of play, which all originates from the popular training drill, El Rondo. It’s all about control and fast precise passing, which makes the Nike Magista Obra II a perfect companion for a lot of the players in one of the best teams in the world.
We went to the training ground of FC Barcelona, the infamous Ciudad Esportivo Joan Gamper – home to the La Masia talent factory – to talk to Samuel Umtiti and Sergi Roberto about their boot of choice, the Nike Magista Obra II. The football boot is made with a soft, 3D sculpted Flyknit upper to ensure a great, personal fit that allows the player to get close to the ball while having enough texture, grip and dampening to enforce full control on the match and pull strings like a true Magista player would. Worn by legends as Andres Iniesta and Javier Mascherano as well as a lot of the young players, the Nike Magista Obra II encapsulates the playing style of FC Barcelona.

See El Rondo in action:



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Unisport says:

Hope you enjoyed the video guys! Which Barcelona players would you want to play El Rondo with? 😀

Κωνσταντινος 41 says:

Ποιος πιστευει οτι 300000

Ribhav Bhatia says:

Messi ofcourse!

Connor South says:

Love the Magista Obra. Fits perfectly for a person with wide feet like me.

Jakob Davidsen says:

Does anyone have a tip for putting on sock boots?

Football Passion says:

How do I turn on the translation on iPad

abdulaziz habib says:

Umtiti er verdens bedste forsvarsspiller! Elsker også de nye støvler
ps bruger størrelse 44 og fortsæt det gode arbejde!!!

BoostFutbol says:

Half way through the video thinking "I wish I could speak French or Spanish" then realized I could turn on the captions feature. ha

The Rookie says:

Forca Barca

JRT says:

1:18 what is that random women players clip for?

I really hope Unisport isn't becoming women's rights activists…

Hernan says:

Really liked the video you guys!! Hope you do more like this one!!

Antho_SSJアンソニー says:

But is it Madrid tho ? ?

Thom Spelt says:

riqui puig?

montserrat san martin mahoudeau says:

We are almost 300k, I love this channel so much and you guys do a great job and put a lot of effort into your videos, you should have more than 1million. keep it that way

biri says:

Great video as always. I'm wondering what song is used in the background?

Royalcee Katodia says:

100th viewer!!!! cheers mate!

Panic Clash says:

my footbal boost just come thank you Unisport

IZN HOT says:


IZN HOT says:

If I have this shoe.

deeps pal says:


soccer friend says:

from testing the hypervenom 2 to this what next ?

Fortnite Battle Royal says:

Snälla ni är det

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