BEHIND THE SCENES: Lucas Digne’s presentation as a new FC Barcelona player

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Amath Thiam says:

soccer to your skills to favourite team

Edward Delgado says:

porque lo dejaron ir era un gran jugador ?

Raps Cancheros says:

Goodbye Lucas Digne Thanks Forever

Ksenia says:

Quizas no me he enterado pero, porque tiene eso blanco en la cara?

Abderrahim Abarkane says:

The worst sign ever

Jose Rodriguez says:


Fatih Tarım says:

my is one two

Alex Fornite says:

Luka Digne Messi jadore❤️❤️

Vecerrril says:

The day you've waited for years. Your greatest accomplishment as a football player. The day you sign for Barça. And you decide to have a nose job a few days earlier so you look like a fool in your presentation.

Janka Godova says:

je to dobré

Jeanly Fresh Zamora says:

The ball they use is like my ball

Giulio ASR Masato says:

Good luck with Barça Lucas, from a Roma fan. We don't forget you!!!

AZN KyllB0T says:

play digne on the right macherano defensive mid umtiti center back and bench biscuts and rackitic

hoho hugo says:

I'm sorry for all barcelona's supporters but this player is very very bad he's not gonna do anything in Barcelone I hope that he will be sold soon

whiite 7 says:

paul walker mi actor favorito


Vous êtes les meilleures du monde

Hayel Philemont Montout says:

A new good team with a new youngers players it's very good for Barça for the next Season ! Força Barça !

Vi Tou says:

I love
FC Barcelona,From Cambodia fan

Nabila Djidai says:

digne looser

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