Top 30 POTENTIAL TRANSFER & Rumour News in January 2018

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Top 30 POTENTIAL TRANSFER in January 2018


kanthan poopalasingam says:

riyad  mahrez not a france he is algberia

Thun der says:

1.Arda is turkey not Tunisia
2….&He is going to beşiktas or galatasaray not arsenal.

Ajortukassak Toornaq says:

This is NOT Delle Alli, This is Dele Alli

10 million subs without a video?? says:

I believe he putted the wrong flag on arda turan

Justgaming hd says:

Arda turan is from TURKEY

abulrahman kadavil says:

arda is just for 12

Verica Gajovic says:

Arda Turan is from Turkey not Tunisia

smiley lol xddd says:

Arda turan is Turkish and he will not go to Aresnal

zhyar ghost says:

WTF add a turban is from Turkey not tunisia

Cabdiyo Yabarow says:


Ngoc Tho Nguyen says:

Wtf salah reak

Lets Play With Al&Al says:

Alexis Sanchez on 7:21 its man u and man c not psg


Arda turan turque pas tunisien mdr gros coup pour la Turquie

BENEVOLENTMU 97D 1.0 says:

Enjoy and subscribe to that god will give you lots of luck and money <3 / Curte e se inscreve que que deus lhe dará muita sorte e dinheiro <3

Simone Nardini says:

Arda Turan is from Turkey

khalid ben says:

Arda Turan is from Turkey not Tunisia correct that flag

Gravypot Media says:

What is the tune when the numbers pop up

TheGamingFish 101 says:

Half of these are just made up ??Mohammed Salah won’t go to Real Madrid they have garath bale and also Salah singed a contract

Nikos Kiachakis says:

Lemar is going to liverpool

aller je part says:

Arda turan est turque pas tunısıen

Liverpool For life says:

Salah is not going ?we have not had him for long and we lost couthinio so there is no way salah is moving

Zz 7ayLiga oRiGiNaL says:

Riad mehres is from algeria

dhia vlogs says:

mahrez algeria

Taniel Yapisan says:

Arda turan are from turkey not from tunisia!

Flash News TV says:

lastest transfer news and rumours at January 9th 2018:

Marcus568 marcus says:

Keita is confirmed

Sela Dli says:

Layer media

Oyun Rampası says:

it is not the Turkish flag it is the tunis flag 3:18 (I AM TURKEY )

Antonio Belamaric says:

Arda from tunisia?

Raffi Daiwani rejaljoel says:

music nya ganti2 gajelasss..

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