Highlights: Atlético v Bayern – UEFA Champions League 2015/16

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See how Atlético beat Bayern in the semi-finals of the 2016 UEFA Champions League.

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Secret Dean says:

If you think about it alaba was to fast or griezmann was offside

eeyepop p says:

Pelos de punta

Shawn DeRedDragon says:

Torres could have won the only ucl in his entire life

Holy Electrum says:

They deserved both the 2014 & 2016

Joshua Kimmich #BayernBeast says:

As much as this hurt I say Atletico deserved to win it all that year. Damn shame UEFAdrid had to screw them over.

KIZZY 69 says:

2:41 Goodbye "Genius" :)))

ethan s says:

Bayern dominated atletico over both legs, its a shame they didn't go to the final


Que momento tan increíble ?

Harish Sridhar says:

Atletico was on fire that season!!!

Angel Amador says:

And to lose the final with offside goals smh. Uefadrid

cr7 ronaldo7 messi 10 says:

Nice ????????????

choza choza says:

Guardiola vs Spanish side
2014 vs Madrid, destroyed
2015 vs Barca, destroyed
2016 vs Atletico, destroyed

Can Do says:

It was good games.
but we wanted to win……..

XTRON6391 loves himself says:

And Juventus will knock atletico out this year.

sammy ham says:

Bayern was the best team in europe but no luck !

epic passion says:

Saul's goal was so gorgeous ???? ?….
U can see only Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo scoring goals like that..
And after that comes Antoine Greazmann.. with a lovely ????finish that kept the hopes of Atletico alive..These two glorious goals are my favorite ??

The Somali Goat says:

I remember how torres cried at the final damn the only time he was close to his liverpool prime moments.

Mira 2003 Atleti says:

Atlético ❤️❤️

Micheal Joseph says:

Pep getting exposed outside Barcelona , not surprised Tbh

Projeffboy says:

Barcelona, Bayern, then Real Madrid … you can't blame Athletico for not beating them all

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