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M. Simm says:

People who play with Madrid or Barcelona = basic bitches.

Platerpus7 says:

Wait so does career mode have a fake champions cup in career mode or is there just no cup in the season?

M says:

How much do u earn if u win the champs league ??

Darkwear GT says:

I hate when your wingers is tired than you need sub thsn off but cant see them lift trophy you like get more stamat man

Darkwear GT says:

What an boring game look like semi pro

Darkwear GT says:

Its 60% all the time of bayern being in the final accept you play againts them berfore final

Midnight Frost010 says:

Fifa 18. Player career mode. Why am I not getting Champions cup games?

Jure Vukšić says:

I forgot to put european competition in my firs season is it gonna be in second?

Justin Sosa says:

How do I set up tournament like this in my career?

SiR BaN says:

Barcelona style,user costumisation in his favour,semi-pro difficulty probably…well played dude

flaming panda says:

that was a disgusten play from bayern

desto d1 says:

Then you heared paulinho plays as a beast


CAREER MODE: If you use world-class or Legendary difficulties you will be relegated to Ligue 2 or your contract with the club will be terminated???


Please tell me which difficult did you use to win???

To win the League you must set the difficult to Semi-pro?

Kid Minecrafter - Car & Minecraft says:

Someone tell me why do I not have champions cup on my career mode

TheVanishingTroll says:

Imagine if Bayern qualify to the Champions league final in real life that would be mental!


7:33 that moment when your in the champions league final and your team gives a penalty then you need a goalie to save the shot but then you see ter stegan know your safe “OHHHHhH!!!!

MasonGOLeafs says:

no way thats legendary difficulty

Matzic Music says:

Name of the intro song (Champions cup song they allways play before kickoff)

Blaugrana92 says:

Iniesta as a defensive midfielder and Busquets on the bench. Just what.

Busquets is criminally underrated in this game. 86? Rakitic is 87? How does that even make any sense at all? That's ridiculous.

Brizzle 1690 says:

Why tf do these Fifa YouTubers have to lie and fake shit? For a start you don't have to put the season results at the start of this video when you ended the last episode with them, just to get it over 10 minutes. If you don't have 10 minutes of content, don't make a 10 minute fucking video.

The biggest problem with you retards though is difficulty. I can absolutely, 100% GUARANTEE, this was NOT on 'legendary'. Anybody who plays Fifa knows this. Why do y'all keep lying and fixing videos? It's fucking annoying man. Quality content will bring the viewers and the ad revenue so stop talking shite ffs.

Bryan Jaime says:

They really need to fix dembeles face ?

Eduardo Calderon says:

You should pick up Jonathan González from Monterrey in Liga MX he has 82 potential and is doing great in the league

Pixel Gun3d Videos says:

What porto budget plz?

MrAdy0207 says:

If that's legendary I am John Snow

Rohan Garg says:


Diego Orellana says:

You should ha ve Messi score

Roman Rivera says:

So much hate for Paulinho, and yet he's been killing it in his first few appearances, the real challenge will be the UCL for him, but if he keeps his form, I imagine there will be some upgrades coming his way

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