Cou Coutinho | Liverpool to Barcelona song [Jim Daly]

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Better late than never, it’s a song about Coutinho’s move from Liverpool to Barcelona.

This is a song I made for who kindly let me upload it here.

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If you’re actually reading this comment: “Look how happy he is!”
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There’s a player that’s been on my mind
Now he’s the second most expensive of all time

He’s left Liverpool and is full of joy
With the haircut of a young schoolboy

Fans are getting their shirts returned
And some of them are just letting them burn
But why the panic and the discern
Now there’s a chance for Ben Woodburn

They think he’s better
Than Coutinho

Everyone knew he wanted to leave
So he could actually win a trophy

He gave Liverpool a massive snub
Wait, I thought they weren’t a selling club

He’ll join Suarez in the red and blue
He left Liverpool to go there too
It’s almost like it’s the best thing to do
If you want to win a trophy or two
Look how happy he is


Tadhg Mc Mahon says:

Coutinho = 132 mil so he cost more then the best defender van dijk

Anthony Concannon says:

Liverpool dont miss him


Suarez didn't leave Liverpool he bit somone but I'm a very big barca fan

Kalbi Hill says:

Wow we are
Better without him

Anwarul Kabir NOYON says:

Jim daly ur a bitch

Mike OB12 says:

Who's watching after Liverpool won the champions league

TY7 TY7 says:

Really bad video

TY7 TY7 says:

He's not that worth money

MiniGamester says:

He could win the champions league with Barcelona oh wait he can’t coz Roma knock them out Liverpool won’t win a trophy oh wait there still in the champion league

Masseyman 990 says:

We’re better without him

Clickbail Jr says:

That dont matter tho cuz We’ve got salah

James Mo salah says:

look at the shit bag

Jordan Mills says:

Coutinio has nice vapor maxes

flying torpedo says:

He only went because barca are 1st

Noclaris Gaming says:

Cool Coutinho!

Harry Redshaw says:

79 dislikes = 79 Liverpool fans

Harry Redshaw says:

An average footballers career:

Begin at the Southampton Academy
Move up to play for the Saints 1st team
Become one of their main players
Sign for Liverpool
Do even better at Liverpool
Sign for Barcelona
Become legendary at Barca.

The most surprising thing is that no one has actually had a career like this

Connor says:

pretty rich from a crystal palace fan

charlie mccormack says:

Tell couthinio he is a beast

kian the gamer says:

Ben Woodburn will win ballon d'or and win Wales the world cup in qatar

Brian Daly says:

Are we related

Gustavo Becerra says:

He wants a champions league title because Liverpool never won one lol

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