Ivan Rakitić – Complete Midfielder | 2018

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The best goals, skills and assists by Ivan Rakitic for Croatia and FC Barcelona in 2018. Enjoy!
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● Edited and produced by: Henrik Lehmann
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♫ Music: Sane – Superhero

● Clips from: Full games

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Henrik Lehmann says:

Note: This video is reuploaded since the original got blocked.

I criticized Ivan Rakitic a lot earlier this season, and I believe rightfully so. But there's no denying that pretty much ever since, he's been terrific. Definitely one of Barça's best players during the second half of the season, and also very much a key player for Croatia at the World Cup.

manik pondit says:

My favourite midfielder after Xavi

king of the gold says:

Rakitić is the best

Javier Lopez Galeaz says:

Underrated midfield

dony ViCtOr says:

Massively underrated

Wladislav says:

I think one of his most important aspects that doesn't really translate into these highlights videos is that he's a vertiable iron man. He played so many minutes of football. Tirelessly working for his teams. Some segments of the Barcelona fanbase criticize him for not being as visionary or a passing maestro compared to the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, or Busquets, but Rakitić brings something else to the team: Hard work, calmness, stability, and security. Oh and of course a terrific volley or long-range shot here and there.

rafael rios says:

Overrated Player, he is not good enough to play for Barcelona.

Arielle Fenix says:

I love him; I love Barcelona, and gosh, he's handsome!

abd rakib says:

He deserve more impotence than madric in National team.,

양기동 says:

i love Rakitic

siddharth says:


Jithin Purushothaman says:

I dnt knw y..bt i love his presencce in barca same like messi..underrated raki

Aldair Santos says:

Rakitic joga mais que Modric

Amine Meb says:


nevenka katic says:

too raketo najbolji si

fju hgg says:

Rakitic ist sehr Intelligent

M. says:

Rakitic > rat Modric

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